Nominate your #icheroes by 30 November

Who are your #icheroes?#ichero #insidestory awards

Who do you admire who works in internal communication?

Who do you think is making an outstanding contribution to internal communication?

Who do you think is a rising star in internal communication?

Are you an #ichero?



Communicators are sometimes the last people to praise their own work. Often, the most dilligent and hard working individuals are busy delivering and moving on to the next project. They don’t stop to seek out awards and opportunities to show off their work.

This is partly why we made the Clare Latham award a nomination award last year. This year we’ve done the same with the Future Leader award which was new last year.

You can still enter these categories yourself, by way of placing a nomination first and going through the process in the same way that everyone else entered will do.

Together Future Leaders and Clare Latham award winners are our #icheroes.

Making these awards nomination entries also gives the rest of us the chance to put the spotlight on those we admire. To recognise the people we know are busy doing great work and making a difference.

It’s free to nominate yourself, a colleague or someone you know as an #ichero. You can nominate anyone who works in internal communication for one of these awards.

All you have to do is:

1. Register on the award entry site

2. Submit a short summary about the individual and why you are nominating them. Include some contact information.

Nominate your #icheroes

You need to place your nominations by 30 November 2016.

What happens next?

We will then contact all the nominees. We ask them to answer a few questions. This helps our team of judges to assess their work and individual contributions to internal communication.

The nominee will need to reply by 14 December 2016.

Judges will then assess their answers to select a shortlist. Next everyone on the shortlist will attend the judging panel day on 16 January 2017.

We’ll discover who the winners and highly commended entrants are at the party on 23 February 2017.

It is free to nominate and enter these awards.

It can make a huge difference to those individuals nominated and of course the winners.

John Townsend, Internal communication manager at The Children’s Society won the Clare Latham Award in 2016.

#ichero #insidestory awards

John Townsend after he received his award in February 2016

It was a great honour (and surprise) to receive the Clare Latham award at the CIPR Inside Awards. I’m definitely biased. But it feels like a particularly special award to win due to Clare’s story and the origins of the award. I have felt a distinct responsibility this year to try to live up to the outstanding communicator title!

Aside from the expected ribbing at work for the first few weeks it’s been a great experience. Part of the prize is joining the CIPR Inside committee and it’s been most interesting to attend committee meetings and to hear the experiences of so many other IC professionals. Although we internal communicators tend to enjoy a networking session, it’s rare to be able to work alongside others in IC and to see all the different industry perspectives that come together to produce the awards and the conference amongst other things. Best of luck to everyone who is entered this year and if you are thinking of nominating someone you know who would be a worthy winner, don’t hesitate. They might be very grateful you did!

Lisa Pantelli, Director at PeopleLap won the Future Leader Award in 2016.

#ichero #insidestory awards

Lisa Pantelli after she received her award in February 2016


Winning the CIPR Inside ‘Future Leader’ award was such a big moment for me. I was totally blown away when I heard my name called! To have my work recognised by others in the industry was a huge confidence boost and I am so proud of what I have achieved. Over this last year I have met so many new people and had the opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills further. I would recommend to anyone to make a nomination!


You can read a little from other past winners here

Who will be the stars of the show this year?


So don’t delay, give someone in your team or network the recognition they deserve.

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