Measuring up over breakfast


Hot on the heels of Measurement Month in September, the Inside team are once again putting the spotlight on how to value the work that we do. And if you have signed up for our next Ask the Guru session – Proving the value of Internal Communications in your organisation – you are in for a treat.

In addition to the gurus from scarlettabbott explaining some of the thinking behind their new measurement dashboard MetrIC, the speakers are planning on running a bit of an interactive surgery at the end – and what better place to hold a surgery than Covent Garden’s Hospital Club.

The plan is to encourage some sharing and analysis with the professionals in the room: ‘We want to have some quality discussions with people about the challenges they are facing and investigate the data that would work for their organisations,’ explains Lisa Hawksworth, senior IC consultant at scarlettabbott.

Of course, being able to demonstrate the value that internal communications adds to an organisation is one of those areas that we all struggle with at some point. Instinctively we know we are doing the right thing, but how do you demonstrate this to your senior leadership team in the numbers and figures that influence their decisions.

Measurement in communications has definitely moved on from the dreaded days of AVEs. The AMEC interactive framework and tool has helped to provide a solid approach to valuing the work that we do. But Internal Communications has at times seemed to be the poor relation in comparison to external communications.

Which is why the session this Thursday makes for a welcome change. Focused on internal communication and engagement, the scarlettabbott team will be talking the group through how groups can use this as the basis to consistently measure impact and demonstrate ROI.

This breakfast event takes place from 8.00 till 10.00 am on 19th October at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden.  Places are limited – but a few are available. You can sign up here on the EventBrite site.

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