#insidestory awards shortlist 2017 – part 1

The judges have concluded the first stage of their assessments of the #insidestory awards for 2017 on Monday 9 January.

Today we are pleased to announce the first part of our release of that shortlist. Part two of that release with the remaining categories shortlist will follow later this week.


UPDATE Friday 13 Jan 17 at 10.40am – Part two of the shortlist will now be announced next week. We are being very diligent and ensuring that one last category is assessed.



We are adjudicating the entries in the remaining categories to finalise the full awards shortlist.

So here goes, Part one, including Best in house team, Best Agency, Clare Latham (best individual contribution to internal communication) and Future Leader shortlisted entrants is here:



More than a publishing agency AB
Coming of Age H&H
People Lab: A Great Place to Work People Lab



Community Integrated Care’s In-House Team Community Integrated Care
A small team with a BIG impact Imperial Brands
Marston’s first internal communications team Marston’s PLC
SGN IC – lean and keen SGN Ltd
Team of the Year University of Derby



Fiona Barker
Danielle Chan
Sarah Roberts
Annique Simpson
Leanne Taylor-Flett



Asif Choudry
Victoria Fletcher
Simon Jeffers
Anna Russell
Lisa Wallace


Huge congratulations to everyone shortlisted for the #insidestory awards 2017. This is a great achievement and something to be very proud of.


Everyone shortlisted in part one will receive an email today with details about the judging day. If you do not receive that email please get in touch – ciprinside@gmail.com

Why is the shortlist in two parts?

We are issuing this year’s shortlist in two parts because those announced in the shortlist today will now go on to join us on Monday 16 January at CIPR Head Office in London. They will take part in a panel interview to take them to the next stage and the judges will be able to meet the people behind the entries and words to make the big decisions about who wins and is highly commended on the night.

Judging completed on Monday so we gave priority to these categories to announce today, and now we can focus on the remaining categories.

The other ten categories do not have a panel interview stage and we are adjudicating these now to ensure that the best entrants are shortlisted for each category. We are thoroughly assessing the judging scores so far and will announce the second part of the #insidestory awards shortlist very soon.

What about the party?

We will also be putting our party tickets on sale next week. Keep the 23 February in your diary, we will be celebrating the best of internal communication at London Zoo…


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