#ICBookClub next book chosen

IC Book Club

A couple of weeks ago there was a flurry of excitement on Twitter when our very own Paul Summerhill, Vice Chair of CIPR Inside, shared a book he was reading. Followingthat suggestion a great conversation started and at the end of all great conversations, a fab idea was created – #ICBookClub.

CIPRInside has now started #ICBookClub and the next book on the list is Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed and this chat will take place on Tuesday 15th August at 8.00pm on Twitter – so save this date! Read July’s review by clicking here.



  1. Can either involvement in #ICBookClub or the books listed be added to the CIPR CPD database? I think it would be a good crossover. Thanks for starting this – I really enjoyed being part of the discussion this week for Busy and I’ve already bought the next book (I’ll start reading it soon!).

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