CIPR doesn’t understand internal comms

Recent comment from CIPR member (anonymously) on recent CIPR Inside survey.

I am concerned as to why CIPR thinks it necessary to challenge the role of CiB, which is soon to become the Institute of Internal Communication. As a member of both organisations I think I have a right to know why this is happening and to what end. As yet have had no explanation. After all, would it not be much better for CIPR to concentrate on the promotion and development of good public relations practice and leave internal communications to those who really understand it best. I suspect this is all about membership numbers but it does no credit to CIPR.”

Don’t hold back…join the debate…after the first 50 comments I promise to add mine!

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  1. Christian Ball says:

    For so long, IC has been considered the poor relation to PR in some circles. For a number of years I have challenged this assumption where necessary, and commended the work of organisations such as Melcrum who have brought the IC profession forward in leaps and bounds. For a while, I have believe that corporate communications will become less linear and more integrated without the need to differentiate between internal and external practitioners. I have operated in both camps and have, by far, found IC practitioners to be the smarter set less driven by ego and more by desire to play a truly strategic role with an in-depth understanding of the business they operate within. Too much of PR is outsourced and frequently delegated to individuals who don’t truly live and breathe the message or brand that they represent. A couple of years ago I felt that most comms work would be outsourced. Now, in this post-crunch era, I believe that most firms want a safe pair of eyes, ears and hands inside their organisation, playing a strategic role, fielding the media and managing external third party agencies where appropriate. As for the membership debate . . . well, whatever floats your boat. As far as I’m concerned, if they resonate with me and add value then I’m in. If they just want another subscriber on a tiered membership package, then I want some bang for my buck. Like anything in business, if there’s no ROI then there’s no point spending.

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