Birmingham Town Hall – the perfect venue for Changing the Conversation

Way back in February, Advita Patel and I took a trip to Birmingham to search for our venue for the CIPR Inside Changing the Conversation Conference which we are hosting on 8 October. We are being brave this year and moving the conference out of London for the first time, so we knew we would be looking for a special venue to help draw in the crowds.

We looked at a few places, but it was Birmingham Town Hall which really captured both of our imaginations about how we could present the conference. Apart from being a very impressive building and space, the history of the Town Hall fits really well with our conference theme of ‘Changing the Conversation’. Since it was built in 1832 Birmingham Town Hall has been the scene of many conversations and debates which have shaped history or changed opinions and attitudes.

Built in the style of a classical roman temple, my first sight of the building as we walked towards it from New Street Station, took me right back to my first visit to Rome last year. Modelled on the ancient Temple of Castor and Pollux, it wouldn’t look out of place in the Roman Forum, where roman philosophers, orators and politicians debated the issues of the time. That’s why it’s a perfect setting for us to change the conversation about internal communications and shape the future direction of our profession.

Inside, there are pictures and images everywhere of those who have visited the Town Hall to share their views, including politicians and royalty. If you join us in October to hear about and debate the future of internal communication don’t forget to have a browse, as there is some fascinating history here created by those who came before us.

The Town Hall has been a forum for political, social and local government debate ever since it was built, including the reforms to our electoral system in the 1800s. It’s also been a venue for storytelling, a key skill for all internal communicators. We’ll be in good historical company as Charles Dickens also visited the Town Hall and gave the first reading of his book ‘A Christmas Carol’ here.

The Town Hall is also a part of registered arts charity with a mission to strengthen the local community and nurture talent, such as supporting the UK’s best emerging Jazz musicians. Both Advita and I loved this social purpose and that by hosting our conference at the venue we will be supporting the Town Hall with that mission.

At CIPR Inside we are also all about giving something back. We are a not for profit sector group of CIPR and all our committee members are unpaid volunteers. Any surplus funds we make from running events such as the Changing the Conversation conference will be used to create resources and run other events for our members and the wider internal communications community

I hope you’ll join us at the conference, not just to hear from our great line up of speakers and change the conversation about the future of internal communications, but to also support CIPR Inside and the Town Hall arts charity.

Our speakers line up and agenda for the day are now on the conference webpages, and tickets are available via Eventbrite. If you’d like to pay by invoice, please remember to book before 2 September. Payment by credit or debit card will be available until shortly before the date of the conference.

See you in Birmingham!




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