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This is our 12th Annual Internal Communication conference and this year we are breaking the mould from previous years. We listened to your feedback from last year. You told us you wanted more interaction, more choice, and more networking, with less traditional presentation-style content.

That coupled with the big changes in internal communication and the shift from craft and tactics to strategic partnerships has given us the theme of our conference ‘Building our future’. This conference is set to help internal communication professionals prepare for the future with knowledge sharing, learning and networking opportunities.

So, in addition to some great plenary speakers we’ve brought together a great selection of professionals from across our industry to give you a range of workshops to choose from. When you place your ticket order for the conference on 25 September, be ready to choose two workshops for the morning, and another two for the afternoon.

You can read the full list including workshop facilitators on our conference page.

Building our future

Building our future

Here is a workshop overview:

Morning workshops

Building a world-class internal communication function – HSBC

The challenge was to reach 300,000 people in over 80 countries, speaking over 100 languages. HSBC needed to move its internal communication practice from crafting and drafting to become a strategic business partner. Find out how HSBC transformed it’s approach to learning and development to make internal communication consistent, accessible and world-beating.

Your career in your hands – Comma Partners

Do you know where your career is going? This workshop will help you to take greater control, understand your options and explore where you want to be in the future. Find out how to gather the skills and experience you need to get where you want to be.

Engaging your people to support their brand – Blind Veterans

How do you align your brand and your people? Who are the brand owners? This workshop will cover what a brand is, what it isn’t and what it could become, and will look at how living the brand creates the most successful outcomes for an organisation.

Diplomatic excellence – creating global employee engagement – Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Find out how the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s programme of ‘Diplomatic Excellence’ was created, promoted, embedded, monitored, evaluated and refreshed. Balancing ambition with austerity, getting buy-in from leadership and the lessons learned are all relevant to many organisations.

Cutting through the noise of excessive communications – The Team

Today’s practitioners face unprecedented demands to get the message across, with a vast array of tools to choose from and making your message heard above all the ‘noise’. This session will look at getting your message and the employee voice heard in this complex environment.

Creating push communications that really engage – Newsweaver

To make push communication connect it needs to be planned and structured to get the right message at the right time to the right employee. Together you’ll work though seven step framework of creating, sending and measuring successful push communications.


Afternoon workshops

Getting measurement to work for you -Telefonica

We know that we should be measuring internal communication but it’s not always that easy. This session looks at why you need to measure to drive the results of your communications.

Engaging remote workers – Eurostar

With a disparate workforce working across countries, boundaries and out in the field, how do you reach them and engage them. More detail on this session will be announced very soon.

Engaging employees in sustainability – M&S

Making M&S’s ‘Plan A’ successful meant engaging its 70,000 employees across offices, stores and distribution centres across the globe. Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer just nice to have but more a way to differentiate, and attract and retain great talent. Find out the challenges and opportunities Plan A brought to M&S.

Creating Momentum – why are we here – Sport Wales and The Edge Picture Co

Getting every child hooked on sport is the aim of Sport Wales. This session provides an insight into how film was used to inspire internal and external audiences and engage the audiences on the organisational vision and strategy.

Conversations that make a difference – Couravel

This interactive workshop will illustrate the difference between imposing narrative on people and creating an environment that helps them to discover it for themselves.


With a great line up of speakers from a range of organisations, the workshops will give delegates the choices to shape their own conference day and select what they want to discuss and learn.


Early bird ticket prices end at 17.00 on 12 July, so book now to get a great rate.


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