would you like to post on this blog?

We would like this to become an aggregated blog for all IC and engagement bloggers.
Anyone can subscribe and post what you like as long as it stimulates discussion and isn’t just a mechanism to link to your own website or blog. We currently average 50 views a day which will grow with more bloggers.
Thinking of holding a “blogger of the year award” based on comments, ratings, hits etc. You could win that prize by Christmas!
Drop your name here if you would like access.


  1. We/I would be interested in this Sean, cheers.
    Eb – New Brand Tribalism.

  2. Count me in Sean…

  3. This could the start of a good thing. 2 great people up for it so far.

  4. andrew routledge says:

    Make that 3!

  5. I like it, Sean. What sort of frequency do you envisage?

  6. Thanks Adam
    You can post as often as you like. If everyone interested does at least 1 a month it will generate a good dialogue. 1 a week would be outstanding.

  7. I’d be interested as well.

  8. Great idea, count me in, Rachel

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