Why enter the ‘Best In-House Team’ category of the #insidestory awards 2014?

As part of our awards programme we’ve been in touch with our sponsors and have asked them to share some of their insights with us.


First up, Grace Park from theblueballroom has shared her views on why awards are important for in-house teams.Grace Park


In-house teams face unique challenges on a daily basis. This is especially the case as employee engagement advances up the agenda in a bid to increase productivity and motivate individuals.

The pressure is on to support business objectives whilst inspiring employees with consistent, open messages that invite dialogue. The diverse range of channels now available also adds an interesting element to the mix. What’s the best method to reach employees? Are they listening and taking part in conversations? How do you ensure employees know what they need to know to do their job, meet targets and stay on brand?

We work closely with in-house teams on a daily basis so we understand the stresses and strains that fall on the communicator’s shoulders. We also see the difference that in-house teams make to organisations. Not only to the bottom line, but also to the individuals that make up a business. Creative, clear communications can dramatically impact the working lives of employees by empowering people with knowledge, respect and an insight into how they fit in with the big picture.

We know what it takes to make internal communications matter: trust, collaboration, the ability to transform complex business language into meaningful messages and of course, hard work. The #insidestory awards are a great opportunity to celebrate innovative communications teams, share best practice and learn from our peers. It’s early days in the life of the #insidestory awards, but we feel it’s a positive step to ensure that internal communications standards remain high and that professionals in the industry are recognised and respected for the impact they have on business.

For the second ever #insidestory awards, we’re extremely proud to be supporting the ‘Best In-House Team’ category and look forward to celebrating some great talent with the entrants, to enter your team.


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