Video will revolutionize enterprise communications

As part of our #insidestory awards programme we’ve been in touch with our sponsors and have asked them to share some of their experience and insights with us.

This week, just ahead of our deadline for entires on Friday 13 December, we hear from Martin Nurser, VP & General Manager of EMEA Qumu. Qumu is sponsoring of the ‘Best use of video award’.

Qumu is proud to be part of the 2014 CIPR Inside Awards and sponsor of the ‘Best Use of Video’ category in 2014. We’ve no doubt that we’ll all get to enjoy some great examples of the video communication revolution currently underway. The fact this award is a new category this year is simply another indicator of the importance of video a channel for communication.

“Video will revolutionize enterprise communications”

This prediction is front and center on the About page of our website.  We placed it there because it’s a core belief for us – based on the  dramatic changes we’ve seen over ten years of helping businesses use video to engage and empower their employees, partners and clients.

In the early days of Qumu, our work was almost exclusively about helping businesses stream live webcasts from their leaders to all of their employees.  Successfully broadcasting such an event within an organisation was not a trivial task, and it remains a challenging proposition for enterprises with thousands of employees positioned around the world.

Since then, video use cases within organizations have expanded dramatically: training, internal communications, social collaboration, knowledge transfer – and the list goes on and on. One of our clients has identified 67 use cases for video within their business!

This growth in use cases is changing the way video is managed within a business.  It’s shifted from a one-off tactic to a strategic platform, a core communication tool that needs to be planned, managed, and integrated with a company’s processes and infrastructure. We’re seeing the “video maturity” of businesses grow; for the most mature, video has become an essential utility, available throughout their business.

The challenge of video


The most intriguing dynamic of the growth of enterprise video is that it’s happening despite how hard it is to do well. Video is a peculiar form of content.  At Qumu, we understand that video presents a number of challenges:

  • Video requires more storage space than other forms of content
  • Video can create network issues for organisations to manage
  • Everything must be right for video to succeed and thrive

Video is hard to create, hard to store, hard to process, and hard to distribute. Streaming an all-company live event has melted more than one corporate network. Video blogging and other social business applications will create even bigger challenges as video volumes exponentially grow.

Yet enterprises put up with all of the challenges of video because they see the numerous benefits it offers.

Increased employee engagement

The “extended enterprise” is creating a gap in employee communication. Employees have less face time and hallway camaraderie. Videos are being used to fill the gap with engaging top-down and peer-to-peer communication.

Social collaboration

As corporations begin to fill with Digital Natives, video is becoming an expected form of communication. Personal video connects employees at a deeper level than text, and adoption is growing. For example, Qumu’s Video Control Center allows IBM Connections users to video blog from any page.

Accelerated learningvcc-screenshot2

Enterprises are using video to retain and transfer knowledge, both through live video communications and the creation on an on-demand library of training content. This allows employees to access engaging training material whenever, wherever and however they like.

In conclusion…

Yes, video provides a challenge, but when it’s done well and made easy it has the power to open up communications and inspire people throughout a business.

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