The story so far

I was fortunate to host a genuinely fascinating debate at the H&K HQ last night. We brought together colleagues from the CIPR Inside committee as well as some of our eminence grises from the advisory group (messrs Quirke, Smythe, Stevenson and Davies)…

Jay O’Connor (CIPR President) also graced us with her presence. And I think impressed us all with her commitment to the internal comms and engagement agenda.

For those of you who were not able to get along we covered, two key areas:

1) 2010 so far – We are now an award-winning group, we’ve run a great programme of events (4 so far), our advisory group is now established, we launched the first IC textbook since 1998, we have a compelling agenda and are much, much more visible… So THANK YOU.

2) The remainder of 2010 – we have the annual conference in October. The advisory group is now engaging with the leadership of the Institute to help shape the policy agenda. And we recognise it is time to reach out beyond IC practitioners  (so we need to find joint platforms with the CIPD, CMI, CIM, etc). And we still need to find more ways of reaching CIPR members – perhaps working more closely with the regional groups.

So still quite a bit to do…

I’d like to thank everyone involved with CIPR Inside for the contributions you have made and will continue to make over the coming months. And would encourage anyone who shares our passion to step forward and really help us deliver on this agenda.

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