The “rules” of engagement

Thank you to Terri Wade for keeping me grounded with her recent question on CIPR Indside Linkedin Group

E-Mail etiquette?
I’ve been asked to come up with a set of rules to reduce email traffic e.g. don’t respond with the word ‘thanks’ when someone sends you a document. What rules can you suggest?

It prompted my response…

If you are going down the rules route how about adopting best practice from DilbertBank. A friend of mine emailed them to me and swiftly had their email account withdrawn..Hope it helps Terri..

    The 10 email Commandments at Dilbertbank

(1) If you send more than 10 emails a day your account will expire
(2) Noone is allowed to send emails on a Wednesday, or on their birthday
(3) If your birthday falls on a weekend or bank holiday then you are banned from sending emails on the first working day thereafter
(4) If you are found using engaging language that encourages a response from others you will be inviited to a “dull and corporate language” course
(5) If you use the bcc field to avoid being seen having large distribution lists, you will be invited for promotion, you are just the kind of corporate citizen we need at DilbertBank!
(6) Noone is allowed to share their email account with anyone outside DilbertBank – all business cards must not contain your email address
(7) Think about your distribution list – Have you remembered to include important people on “To” field and lesser mortals on the “cc” field? have you remembered to put people in order of hierarchy? Have you remembered to mis-spell the email addresses of those most impacted by the contents of your email?.
(8) Think about the tone – have you included lots of exclamation marks and smilies?
(9) Think about the use of the priorty field – if you are going to be in the shit if others dont bail you out quickly be sure to mark “Urgent: for action”
(10) We encourage your sugestions on how to cut down on email – please email your suggestions to Please note that your email will count towards your daily account limit. Please don’t forget not to send on Wednesdays or your birthday. Unfortunately, due to email rules, we will not be able to respond to your suggestions or even send a thank you; don’t even expect an auto email response!! 🙂

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