The Inside Story Online Awards are back!

After a couple of years away, CIPR Inside is delighted to be able to make a return to the internal communication awards arena.

Our last Inside Story Awards were in 2017. While we’ve been away there has been a big increase in the number of award competitions which are available for people who work in the internal communications industry to enter. So, rather than add another awards competition which is similar to all the others we’ve decided that we are going to be a little bit different this time. Read on to discover more about the awards and how you could win a free ticket to the CIPR Inside Changing the Conversation conference in October.

Entering an awards competition is an exciting way for internal communicators to compete with other professionals and potentially get some recognition for the great work they do. However, we know that there are lots of internal communication professionals and teams who never enter awards. As a result they don’t have the chance to get their work recognised by the profession and shared with others who work in the industry. We’d like to encourage them to participate and showcase their work alongside the internal communicators and teams who do usually enter awards.

With this in mind, we’ve designed our new Inside Story Online Awards to make it quick and easy for everyone to enter regardless of whether or not you have the entry fee money, or the time, expertise and confidence to construct an entry. There are no big prizes (usually!) or a glitzy presentation ceremony. Our awards are CIPR Inside’s way of just saying a simple ‘thank you’ on behalf of the internal communications industry. We want to celebrate the amazing people in our community who are doing brilliant work and to provide everyone with a chance to get some well deserved recognition.

There are more details on the Inside Story Online Awards web pages. It’s simple to participate online and not only will you have the chance to win a small trophy and earn a bit of kudos, we will also be showcasing the winning entries and people on our social media channels and website.  The awards are open to everyone who works in internal communication and best of all it’s free to enter!

We will be running the awards every two months and the first deadline for entries into either category of ‘Best IC Work’ or ‘Best IC Team or Person’ is 30 June 2019. If you miss this first entry date there will be plenty of other opportunities for you to enter throughout the year.

To get the Inside Story Online Awards off to a cracking start we will be presenting the winners of the June 2019 ‘Best IC Work’ and ‘Best IC Team or Person’ categories with a free ticket to our Changing the Conversation Conference in Birmingham on 8 October. Don’t forget that early bird tickets for the conference are still on sale at a great introductory price until 31 May 2019, so get yours now. If you enter the June 2019 Awards and are a winner, we will reimburse the cost of your ticket!

Why not enter our awards and have your chance to get your great work recognised and shared with the internal communications community?

Good Luck!

CIPR Inside Committee


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