The importance of Award Entries

As we approach our early deadline of midnight tonight (Friday 20 November) we asked previous winners, H&H to give us a heads up on preparing winning award entries – they’ve won a lot and have also won an #insidestory award three times!!!

Yes the early deadline is tonight! But never fear, if you haven’t finished or even started your award entry yet you can still enter – we have a second deadline, Friday 27 November at 6pm. Check out all the details here


So over to Hannah Thoresby from  H&H about the importance of award entries:

If we put the same amount of thought, effort, extra time and obsessive attention to detail that we give to our client work into evaluating and then marketing ourselves, how successful could we become? That’s a question we try to stop and ask ourselves at least once every few months, and it’s often prompted by an award entry deadline.


The H&H team with their award at #insidestory awards 2015

Everyone loves to win an award. There’s no better feeling than having your hard work validated by people who really know what Outstanding looks like. More pragmatically, an award win can be a fantastic door-opener with potential new clients. (“Why should you include us on your pitch list? Well, did you know we’ve been named Agency of the Year three years in a row by CIPR Inside…?”)

Where we often fall down is putting in the graft to enter an award. It’s too easy to leave it until the last minute, scrabbling frantically around for all the bits and pieces you need, working against the clock to get all the boxes filled in, before finally pressing “send” and spotting a glaring typo on the first page. That’s the easy (maybe even the traditional) way to enter an award, but when we do it like this, we’re under-valuing what the process can really do for us.

The questions included on an award entry aren’t there by chance. They’re designed to keep us on our toes. What evidence have we got that our work was really as successful as we think it was? If we don’t have it, that’s telling us something about how we evaluate our results. What makes this campaign new, different, groundbreaking? How have we harnessed the power of the medium to make our message more effective? If we can’t answer these questions easily, maybe we need to ask ourselves whether we’re as cutting-edge as we think we are.

In the day-to-day excitement of delivering for our clients, it’s easy to tell ourselves we don’t have time to put our own houses in order. Entering an award is a chance to stop and reflect on what we’re doing, how well we’re doing it, how well we’re measuring our success, what we can do better. Winning is the ultimate prize, but we strongly believe that we can all also learn from the process of entering. The “pause to reflect” offered by an award entry, the challenge of answering tough questions, can be priceless.



So if you have started your entry and need some more time to polish it, or just haven’t started yet, you still have plenty of time to get your brilliant work recognised and awarded with this year’s #insidestory awards.

Remember, early entry deadline is midnight on 20 November, and late entries will be accepted until 6pm on 27 November. Your choice, your chance to shine.

You can read all about all of the categories here and pay for your entries here.

We normally shortlist five entries, depending upon the number and quality of entries received.

If you have any queries at all please email

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