The Engagement Debate Part 2 – The Trailer (PG)

If you weren’t one of the lucky 80 participants in the Engagement Debate on 15th March, have a look at this short video which gives you a flavour of the discussion. The good news is you can join in for an extended debate at our next big event on 5th May. FULL DETAILS HERE. It promises to be an event with a difference giving you the flexibility of time and budget, come and join in the subjects you are interested in.
[wpvideo skZdAGaX]


  1. Who’s that handsome barsteward right at the very end? The one in the black shirt.. ;o)

    Nice work on the video. Love the hat tip to Guy Ritchie.. lol..


  2. Thanks for the snippets. I posted this on the Employee Engagement Network:

  3. Provokative topic for an event – regretfully I missed it! The video looked like there was a good debate – especially around the commonalities / differences between the value that the various disciplines connected with engagement can each add.

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