The case for case studies

Everyone loves a great case study. That’s why we are building a library of them here as a resource for our readers and members.

Case studies serve so many purposes and are a real-life demonstration of employee engagement and internal communication in practice.

They show what other communication professionals do so that we can learn from their experiences

We all like to know what works and what doesn’t. Seeing other people’s work can give us the clues to consider if that approach could work for us and our communication challenges. Case studies are also a great resource for many of the training and courses provided through CIPR.

They help us to think creatively

They can encourage us to think outside of our normal thinking patterns and show us ideas and solutions we may not have considered or perhaps thought of.

They show us and our leaders how excellent communication and implementation can work.

Getting leadership buy in for internal communication programme or getting their understanding of the style and approach that should be taken can be difficult at times. Not least with the introduction of social media platforms because these can mean taking a ‘cultural’ step into changing the way of working to be more collaborative and not just implementing a a different or new comms tactic. Showing how something like this has worked in a large, renowned organisation such as Gatwick could give weight to your argument with a real-life example.

They give an insight into other organisations and how they operate.

Organisations, their cultures and approaches to problems can be so different to your own. It’s really helpful to see how differently challenges can be tackled, and how they get results.

They help us to prepare and plan our own projects.

When you are taking on a new challenge, whether it’s a large scale re-development of the intranet, or a smaller communication project, reading other examples before you launch into your own ideas and plans can help you to see the problem from different perspectives and give depth to your thinking and planning. Case studies from the award winners may also help you prepare your own award entries and help you build a winning entry.


CIPR Inside was approached by Gatehouse soon after the #insidestory awards 2013 to use some of the best practice from the winners to showcase in the Journal of Internal Communciation which it produces. Three of the winners were contacted and interviewed by Agnes Costa from Gatehouse and their stories have been included in Volume 2 of the Journal. We have shared these three case studies here along with our others.

We are always on the search for best practice and want to develop the library to be a valuable resource for the internal communication community. So if you ever think to yourself, ‘we did a good job there’, then why not share it with us, we’ll write it up and prepare it to share. You get the recognition, and of course can use it as you wish too.

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