The Inside group had it’s AGM recently. I thought I’d include an extract from my “annual report”.  As ever I would value your input / feedback.

At the last AGM the outgoing Chair Lee Smith described the world of internal communications as being “at a cross roads”. There is no doubt that 2009 was incredibly tough. The UK is only now emerging from the longest recession since records began.

Internal Communicators have had to work much harder to justify their value to their organisations. And at a time of extreme cost-pressure that is both understandable and frankly justified.

I think we are now a long way to reaching some of the big answers about our role within organisations. We now know – with a bit more certainty – that we can make a positive contribution to the ongoing success or viability of an organisation. We are growing in confidence as a profession.

As part of the CIPR the Inside group are natural “integrationists”. And I firmly believe that internal communications is going to be more integrated with other disciplines in the coming years. Whether it’s Strategy, Programme Management, Finance, HR or External Communications we have a role to play in breaking down barriers.

When I took on the role of chair in April 2009 I spent some time talking to colleagues running the CiB and IABC. I outlined to them that we did not see ourselves as rivals or competitors. I firmly believed then – and still do – that we are a broad church. And that people come into internal communications from a variety of backgrounds.

That is why it is important that we all play a role in raising standards. Therefore, one of our areas of focus has been to work with Kevin Ruck and the qualifications team as they have successfully rolled out first the Internal Communications certificate and now the diploma.

I think these are important developments as we give our stakeholders confidence in our ability to deliver. As we look ahead to 2010 I believe CIPR Inside has three strategic priorities for 2010, they are:

1. Making membership more meaningful and engaging

2. Generating more thought leadership and debate around current issues

3. Getting more of our members involved in the committee itself

I think this is a worthy agenda and I would encourage all of our members to get involved in making it happen.

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