Ten Ways to Utilise Video for Employee Engagement

As part of our #insidestory series of blogs from our sponsors we’re pleased to hear from our Best use of video sponsor Qumu on how video can help organisations boost employee engagement.


Over to Martin Nurser, VP & General Manager of EMEA Qumu


Employee Engagement is on the agenda for many organisations, which aim to ensure employees and informed and involved in company culture, vision and strategy. Effective internal communications is an essential component of any successful employee engagement strategy, but with employees often spread over many locations, or even countries, and many operating away from central hubs, the challenge is not an easy one to address.

Video as a communications platform can be a powerful tool. The rise of ‘bring your own device’ and social channels furthermore means that video has the capability to deliver messages and communications throughout an organisation.

Here are ten ways in which video can help organisations to achieve employee engagement:

1)      Satisfy demand for video: The next generation worker expects video to be available as a communications tool. They have grown up with video content playing a regular role in their daily lives, and they want to access video content in the work environment, both in the office and on the move on their mobile devices. Delivering communications by video addresses this requirement.

2)      Social tool: Video by its nature is a social tool, and the demand for social within the enterprise has never been higher. Employees can watch and comment on video content, but can furthermore create their video content or video responses to engage in a wider conversation.

3)      Collaboration: Video communications, whether live or on-demand, breaks down barriers and brings employees closer together, both personally and professionally.

4)      Visibility of senior management: A key use of video for internal communications is the CEO broadcast, where a business leader addresses the wider workforce. This provides visibility to this leader to all employees, ensuring they feel part of the team and involved in the strategy and direction of the company.

5)      Timely: Enterprise video solutions offer a timely method of communicating internally. A video can be broadcast or made available to employees during times of crisis for example, ensuring employees have knowledge and information about something happening within or to their company.

6)      Flexibility: The provision of on-demand video content means that employees can access content at times and ways that are convenient to them. This ensures that a communications video is seen and engaged with by a much higher proportion of the company that would be the case if a broadcast was only available live.

7)      Management communication empowerment: Video is a great way for senior executives to communicate to the wider workforce. This not only gives visibility to these individuals, as mentioned above, but it allows senior executives to effectively communications company strategy, vision and culture to the wider workforce.

8)      Mobility: The vast majority of workers have a smart phone or mobile device, and video content can be accessed on the go through such devices. This ensures that content is engaged with by employees away from major operational centres.

9)      Training & development: Employees feel engaged and empowered when they feel their skills and knowledge are expanding. Video offers a great method for delivering training and development, and transferring knowledge from senior or experienced people down the chain, up-skilling the wider workforce in the process.

10)   Measurable – One essential element of a successful employee engagement programme is measurability. Video content can be measured easily, across metrics such as number of views and number of comments. Internal Communications or Human Resources departments can get actionable and insightful data into the success of the communications being delivered, allowing them to learn about the content being received successfully and the content that the workforce failed to engage to the same degree.

Achieving employee engagement can have a dramatic effect on the success of a business, with an engaged and empowered workforce working well to achieve the organisations’ goals and objectives. Video could be the way to achieve it in your organisation!


Thanks Martin.


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