Telephonica is sexing up IC measurement by asking Monica to RELAX

Our second guest post from our conference Building our future, comes from Gihan Hyde, one of the CIPR Inside committee members and Head of Internal Communication for Transform at Barclays. Gihan has shared her thoughts on one of the workshops, channelling your inner Monica: Getting measurement to work for you.


Thanks for sharing your views Gihan, over to you:


On Sept 25th I attended the Building Our Future: Internal Communications conference organised by the CIPR Inside group which saw 270 communications specialists gather in one room. The opportunity to meet all these people and exchange ideas was beyond phenomenal, and I certainly went back to the office buzzing with ideas and decisions to make. The conference had a different vibe to it this year because it was split into smaller half hour workshops where attendees had the choice to attend whatever sessions interest them. One of my favourite workshops was ‘Channelling your inner Monica: Getting measurement to work for you’ presented Claire Newton, Head of Internal Communications Strategy, Telefonica UK and Maggie Wotherspoon, Director, HarknessKennett.

The title of the session was deceiving at start and, frankly I had no clue how this person named Monica had anything to do with measurement. But then it all made sense. Monica from the hit comedy show ‘Friends’ is a label maker, very organised, analytical, controlling and loves her to-do lists, in other words she makes sure the job is done. This is a trait that most internal communicators apparently have, at least that was the outcome of the quiz that took place during the session, which I have to say I scored so high in it that I am beyond salvation.

Claire was tasked to sort Telephonica’s internal communication measurement. Despite having a strong strategy Claire did not know how to measure the success of the channels she is using – mostly online channels. Nor was she able to measure the effectiveness of the conversations and messages taking place. She understood how to measure the number of clicks per page, and the number of people attending a conference but what she was really keen to understand is the actual ‘Understanding’ and how long it takes for the messages to reach her front line colleagues. She was keen to align her IC strategy with the Business strategy, use hard evidence to shape her new IC strategy and ensure that the channels used are the right channels. She described not measuring the effectiveness of your messages and channels as “having a band playing in sound proof room, producing a massive wave of noise without them actually seeing who they are playing to or what their audiences’ reaction is”.

Claire and Maggie started by identifying who their stakeholders were and once this was achieved, surveys were sent out to all levels within Telephonica including IC Business Partners, top 50 senior leaders, and Telephonica UK Board. Colour was added to the survey by adding findings from the organisation’s overall employee surveys.

For the measurement to become a success, communications managers needed to have a clear view of what objectives they would like to achieve from the research. They also needed to ensure that the Business owns the research-not IC- which will guarantee that the outcome will be implemented without resistance, and avoid large reports. In a nutshell treat the research as a piece of communications: short, creative, tailored, effective, and measureable. This will mean that:

1       We need to let go of our ‘Monica’.

2      Not try to solve every single problem or over analyse the data.

3      Ensure that we measure on a regular and consistent basis.


Thanks for sharing Gihan. If you have a short post crying out to be shared, let us know, and send it to us at

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