Taking internal comms out of its comfort zone

On Wednesday 2 November, we held a webinar, taking internal communication out of its comfort zone, with Laura Jameson, Director – Internal Communications and Nick Leonard, Managing Director from Ruder Finn presenting some of their findings from a recent study into what is the general perception of internal communications and what are the top five challenges communicators face today. This study was undertaken in the summer and some of the results were shared during the webinar.


You can see the slides from the webinar here.


There were quite a few questions raised at the end and Nick and Laura have pulled a couple of the best to share and answer here too.

How would you suggest getting employees involved in social media platforms? Would a social media group/page work?

The best way to drive your employees to any new channel, social or otherwise, is to make it appealing to them – what can they get there, that they can’t get anywhere else? Think about some of your most used channels – email always springs to mind. Is there information you communicate via email (site updates, status information) that you can move to this new channel? Not only does this help to reduce email fatigue, it creates more of a driver to visit the channel – and start a dialogue.

Do you have any advice for when you have a successful social channel with employee videos, blogs etc, but where the engagement (not the amount or quality of content) is starting to decline?

Before you start to switch up your format, think about why. Why might engagement be dropping? Is your subject matter too complex? Are your contributors representative of your organisation? There can be a tendency to keep things like video and blogs to the domain of senior leadership – but you’re much more likely to see engagement when you put the employees at the heart of the campaign. There are some great tools on the market at the moment like SeenIt that allow for employees to contribute video content in a very simple way. And with the continued rise of smartphones it’s easier than ever to ensure your content is all-encompassing. Don’t worry too much about quality – it’s the content that matters. Get that right first and you’ll see your engagement increase.


What platforms/media do you see working best globally?

Unfortunately there’s no simple fix here. Geographies, infrastructures and cultures mean that what works in one market won’t necessarily work in another. Working with global organisations we often see problems with video in markets like Asia – so you need to find alternatives. Think about how you can address these challenges through an audience mapping exercise; where they are, how they interact, and what formats they like to digest their information. That way, you ensure that your campaigns are easily accessible and have the ability to be tailored at a local market level.

If you would like to get a copy of the report when it’s available, please send Laura Jameson an email ljameson@ruderfinn.co.uk

We hope you found this useful. CIPR members will be able to access the webinar recording in the CPD area of cipr.co.uk very soon.


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