#SummerOfCPD – get off to a flying start

Continuing Professional Development has become integral to our fast moving communication profession and something that CIPR has been focussing on for members in recent months. New ideas, new technology and new skills-sets are common-place. To stay ahead or at least keep up is important to those who want to develop their careers, increase their opportunities and do their best in their work.


The summer break is the perfect time to reflect, learn something new and either get your CPD started or add to your log.

CIPR is helping members with a collection of new tools and resources being published over the summer to provide everyone with opportunities to learn remotely during the #SummerOfCPD. If your role encompasses both external and internal comms you’ll find this really helpful.

CIPR is also giving away a Tripp cabin suitcase packed with CPD prizes, including an iPad Air 2 to help you learn on the move wherever you go this summer. For your chance to win, just sign into MyCPD and make sure you log at least 5CPD points by 10 August (terms apply).

CPD for Internal communicators

CIPR Inside as a committee and specialist group for internal communicators is also working to help you get more from your CPD and Jo Twisleton, one of the committee members, is leading on CPD to help us all do better.

If you’re wondering what you can do to top up your internal communication skills over the summer, some of the easiest and most flexible ways to do it are here:

Check out our webinarscipr cpd 5 points cmyk 300dpi

As paid up CIPR members these are exclusive to you and designed to give you a specific insight into a given topic.

Each webinar earns you 5 CPD points

Click here for CIPR Inside’s webinars

(You’ll need to be logged in to view them)

Read bookscipr cpd 10 points cmyk 300dpi

There are so many books to help us all learn and understand more about our work and wider business environment.

Reading a book (not beach fiction… 🙂 but something comms or business related that you can show has increased your knowledge) can earn you 10 CPD points.

Here’s a few top recommendations from our community that they have read recently

Internal Communications, a manual for practitioners. Liam Fitzpatrick and Klavs Valskov

A CIPR book developed to provide up to date practical advice and guidance to anyone working in internal communication. Recommended by Denise Cox, ‘Liam Fitzpatrick’s books is a fantastic soup-to-nuts look at Internal Communications: A manual for practitioners’ [soup-to-nuts is an American term a little like nuts and bolts]

You can also read Gihan Hyde’s review here.

Trust me, PR is Dead. Robert Phillips

What role does trust, truth and transparency play in modern capitalism and politics?

Recommended by Katie Marlow, ‘A challenging and brilliant read – some say controversial. It was an honest reflection on the dark side of PR, business and politics – the spin and old school style. Intriguing insights into some of our household names [where he was allowed to name them] too.’

Anarchists in the Boardroom, Liam Barrington-Bush

How social media and social movements can help your organisation to be more like people.

Recommended by Katie Marlow, ‘I’ve just started reading this book. For anyone who likes the sound of activism and anarchy unleashing change and potential in business and the world.’

Creativity, Inc. Dr Ed Catmull

Creativity, Inc. is a book for managers who want to lead their employees to new heights, a manual for anyone who strives for originality, and the first-ever, all-access trip into the nerve center of Pixar Animation Studios.

Recommended by Steven Murgatroyd ‘I just read Creativity Inc, by the founder of Pixar…it’s brilliant!’


Just pulling this short list together has inspired us to compile a more complete list with your help. Got a book suggestion? Then please add it in the comments, email us at ciprinside@gmail.com or tweet us @ciprinside

Skills guidescipr cpd 5 points cmyk 300dpi

There is a range of skills guides for internal communication professionals, from change to newsletters, to running a department to writing a strategy.

Click here to see the full list.

Each skills guide downloaded and read earns you 5 CPD points


So achieving 60 points each year is really not too difficult or expensive to do.


NEW CIPR Tools and resources to earn you CPD points

A new resource is being published each week.

CPD giveaway – log points to win

CIPR is giving away a Tripp cabin suitcase packed with CPD prizes. Just log 5 or more CPD points between 15 July and 10 August 2015 for your chance to win:

  • Apple iPad Air 2 – 16 GB Wi-Fi and Cellular
  • 5 must-read business, leadership and communications books
  • A free place on a CIPR training workshop

We’re also giving away bundles of bestselling books to 5 runners-up.

Terms and conditions apply.

Log your points today

Visit My CPD to top up your points. If you’re new to CIPR CPD, it’s easy to get started. Just log on and record your activities.

CPD is how you build the knowledge, skills and confidence to meet tomorrow’s challenges. It’s about developing your career adaptability and investing in your professional future. Find out more about CPD here.

Thanks to the sponsors

With thanks to Precise for donating an Apple iPad 2. Other prizes kindly donated by Harriman House, Kogan Page, PG Mutual and Wiley.


Does your internal communication make an impact?

CIPR Inside’s next annual internal communication conference is on 13 October, and the day is full of award-winning communicators who will share with us what they have done in their organisations to make a real difference with their internal communication. Attending this event earns you 10 CPD points and you can find out more here

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