Sky minus, I believe it was better

Why is it customer service in this country appears to be getting worse? I used to find Sky customer services as good as those good old boys and girls at First Direct. Yesterday, I called to review my package and enquire about any customer offers, I had a few surprises. I didn’t get the usual warm Scottish accent and the background noise really distracting, which appeared to be distracting the agent as well, he kept on asking me to repeat myself and I never felt like he was that engaged with my conversation. The really annoying factor was his persistence in referring to Sky as THEY not WE. Running through the various packages he told me that “THEY can give you Package A for £X, or THEY can give you Package B for £Y….” Obviously an outsourced agent,working in a contact centre with multiple brands and poor telecoms kit – now I knew why I didn’t get put through to the lovely people in Livingston and had to suffer background noise.
In they end, none of the offers were attractive so I thanked him for his time and kept my package as it is. Before I hung up I thought I’d give him feedback. “I’d like to feedback that I believe that customer service used to be a lot better when it was a managed direct by Sky” Only to be told that he was a direct employee. “In that case I’m curious as to why you kept on referring to the package offers coming from someone else – is there a THEM and US culture where you work” I asked.
“Not really, its just that we don’t come up with the package deals – someone else does that, we just sell them”
You gotta smile.

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