Six months since our AGM

Every month Jenni Field, CIPR Inside’s Chair shares a blog post with us.  This month she updates us on progress since our AGM at the end of March 2015.

Over to Jenni:

Jenni Field, CIPR Inside Chair and Conference Chair

Jenni Field, CIPR Inside Chair


It’s been six months since our AGM and the new committee has been working hard to make sure we are addressing everything you want this year.

At the AGM I asked you to tell us how we can better support you in line with our strategy and it’s great to see the progress we are making.

So what did you tell us and how are we doing?





You wanted to know more about CPD and how it can support you in your internal communication careers.

We have raised the profile of this – linking all our events to CPD and making sure you know how many points you can get for what. At the conference, we will have colleagues from CIPR on hand to make sure you can find out even more and we will be creating a section on our website to cover some basic detail about why CPD is so important.



Sharing information

The Yammer community we started last year is really starting to flourish. We have new members joining it every week and there are some great questions and discussions taking place connecting internal communicators around common challenges.



You asked for more informal networking events so we launched summer drinks this year. Hosted both in London and Manchester on the same evening. We welcomed over 100 internal communicators to the events giving everyone the chance to have a drink and a chat about all things communications. We are looking into running something similar next year and our AGM is always an opportunity to get together and catch up with fellow communicators.

We have three people on the committee dedicated to organising events outside London. So far we have hosted several Ask The Guru events in Manchester and we are working with our CIPR regional groups to support events all over the UK. This takes time to build but the team are working hard and we are hoping to bring more regional events to you next year as well. Do get in touch if you think your area would benefit from an internal comms event.


This is always a big topic and I’m delighted that it will feature on the conference agenda again this year. We are planning to do some deeper work on this next year with webinars or ask the guru events created to help us all get better at measuring our success.

Advising on best practices

Ethics month gave us a great chance to bring some real advice to our members and I’m delighted that we saw so many people take part. We have regular blogs from our committee on the website to help bring some of their expertise forward.

Please do keep in touch with us and tell us what else you need – we have a network of people here passionate about internal communications and dedicated to helping individuals and the industry.


Thanks to Jenni for the update. If you have something to share, ideas to help us deliver what you need, a suggestion for a regional event perhaps or some content for the website, drop us an email at

If you want to join us at the conference on Tuesday 13 October – click here to find out more. As we hit publish there were just a couple of tickets left. Attending the conference will earn you 10 CPD points.

The next big thing is the #insidestory awards 2016 – we opened for entries last week – you can read all about them here.


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