Shine a light on your internal communication: #insidestory awards 2016

It’s that time of year again…

The #insidestory awards are back for their fourth year and are now open for entries.

We are calling all internal communicators and employee engagement specialists to come and show us their great work, get it recognised and awarded.

You have until midnight on Friday 20 November (or the late entry deadline of 27 November) to gather your work, and enter the awards.

With 12 categories and some sub-categories introduced across the most popular categories this year, everyone in internal communication has a category to enter and the potential to win.

Some of 2015’s #insidestory winners, Clarks, Oxfam, Tata Steel and Wheatley Group are sharing their case studies with us at the conference on 13 October. You can see a full list of past winners here.


The Coca-Cola Enterprises team rasing their glasses at the awards party 2015

2015’s new categories

Each year, the internal communicators on our committee review the programme and adapt it to make sure it delivers what the changing world of internal communication needs.

We look at past entries and categories to see what worked, what could be better and how we can improve the awards so that they continue to deliver what you need to put your work in the spotlight.

So, this year the main category of employee engagement has been split to level the playing field giving smaller organisations a chance to shine. This category is always a popular one, one that many organisations are working really hard in and keen to make a difference in their performance. It makes sense to split this category up and give everyone a chance to shine amongst their peers.

We’ve also adjusted the best internal magazine category, to be divided by budget scales to better represent the work internal communication does. Some of you have the luxury of a good sized budgets, others have to manage on a shoestring. We know that this makes a difference, so the category now reflects that range of expenditure.

We’re really pleased to introduce a new category ‘Most innovative approach to an internal communications challenge’.  This category is designed to capture examples of breaking the mould or taking bold steps with internal communication. Often internal communicators can be forced to keep to the safe ground, keeping everyone happy, but there are more and more of us pushing the profession and our organisations to take new approaches for the better of our businesses. Whether that’s with new technologies and ways of working, or re-working old solutions to solve new challenges, turning a nothing budget into a campaign that hits the hearts and minds of employees then this category could be for you.

If you have an idea that your campaign could fit this category and you’re not sure, give us a call, we’re always happy to advise you on the best fit for your work.

And the categories are:

1. Best example of employee engagement

1. SME (up to 1000 people)
2. Small (1-5k people)
3. Medium (5-10k people)
4. Large (10-50k people)
5. Extra large (50k+ people)

2. Best change or transformation communication campaign
3. Best public sector or charity campaign
4. Best internal event
5. Best use of video
6. Best intranet or enterprise social network
7. Best magazine or newsletter (Choose: a. digital, or b. print, or if it’s both submit two entries)

1. Under £10,000
2. £10,000-£50,000
3. £50,000-100,000
4. £100,000+

8. Most innovative approach to an internal communications challenge
9. Best in-house team (1-6)
10. Best in-house team (7 and more)
11. Best agency
12. Clare Latham award for the best individual contribution to internal communication

You can read more about the awards categories and the entry process here.

Why we have the #insidestory awards

Jenni Field,  our chair at CIPR Inside has shared this about our awards: “We’re really passionate about internal communication because we all see it making a difference to the workplace. These awards are created to make sure internal communicators are given the platform to show everyone what they do, the impact they make on the organisations they work in and how that translates to real commercial value for the company they work for.

“Best practice and celebrating success are key elements of the CIPR Inside strategy. #insidestory demonstrates our commitment to shining a light on great achievements and promoting best practice.”

Why you should enter

Internal communication is growing, it’s a strong discipline with some very high standards of professionalism. your work deserves to be seen and you and your teams deserve the recognition for delivering great results.

The #insidestory judges look beyond the outputs and tactics to see what impact your work has had on the organisation, and assess how well it’s achieved the objectives. For us, internal communication is all about better informed, more motivated and engaged employees. When we do our job well as communicators, the organisation can thrive. And it’s that success that these awards celebrate.

Celebrate talent, share best practice, measure success and help us all to learn from the best.


Take home one of these…

Key information


You can read more about the awards categories and the entry process here.


Deadline for entries is midnight on 20 November 2015 £95 + VAT to enter

Late entries will be accepted from 21 – 27 November (at 18.00) £115 + VAT to enter

You can pay for your entries on eventbrite with a credit or debit card.




A new pricing structure to give you discounts for multiple award entries has been set up. Read more about that on the awards categories and process page.

Details of the awards celebration party will be announced very soon.

Check out the short video from last year’s party below:


Any questions or queries, please get in touch with email



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