Q&A with Trudy Lewis

During our annual survey you told us you wanted to know more about our committee. So we’re talking to each of our committee members about what they do.

We heard from  Paul Summerhill recently, and today we’ve spoken to Trudy Lewis who leads on making our webinars happen.

So over to Trudy:Trudy Lewis

Why did you choose to manage the webinars?

Getting involved and producing webinars was a brand new area for me. I just never had to do them in the past, hadn’t ever attended one, and definitely didn’t know how they were run. So when I said I’d look after webinars on the committee – it was going to be about learning through experience. The good thing was that I had produced events and figured it would be more or less a similar process, only delivered online and the audience could be anywhere.

What do you like most about running the webinars?

I love the fact that we now have new and interactive tools like webinars to communicate. Being able to use them as we plan communications is great. It provides another way for us to creatively share messages and engage people. Doing something new in communications can be challenging and we’re not always sure how it will be received, but the trick here was to just get on with it. As planning and organising progressed I got really excited about the possibility to reach a lot of people, share best practice and helping them to develop their knowledge. The great thing was that in a webinar environment we could do all this with audience involvement.

We ran our first three webinar sessions last year. We were able to tackle topics chosen by our internal communication community presented by interesting and experienced speakers.

Have you been able to use your skills learned from the committee in your day job?

Since working on the programme, I have gone on to recommend the use of webinars to promote the annual report of a company to their staff. For them it was a new experience, they hadn’t involved staff at that level of detail before and definitely hadn’t thought to do it interactively. The good thing was it worked, the managing director hosted the session which was open to all their staff from the UK and international regions and it was well received. They are now thinking of using this method for some of their other communications.

What’s the best thing about working on the webinars?

It has been great to work on this area for CIPR Inside, there’s a huge potential for us to do more and reach more members this year, and I’m really looking forward to the new series of webinars that start this week with Andy Blacknell on Employee engagement.

Thanks Trudy.


If you would like to join this webinar, click here to book your place. It’s free and exclusive to CIPR Inside members so have your membership number ready when you book. You’ll also earn 5 points towards your accedited practitioner status.


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