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As the committee sat down and discussed the different scenarios for the conference, Closing the Gap, which we’re planning, we all started to share some of the challenges we face in our own organisations. Everyone working in internal communication or employee engagement has gaps that they need to bridge, a challenge to be overcome or connections to be made. It goes with the territory and is a part of what makes our work both challenging and rewarding. The conference theme aims to cover many of these ‘gaps’ and we thought we’d share some of the committee’s personal anecdotes with you here.

So first up it’s Martin Flegg, and his challenge of the perception of IC

Martin Flegg CIPR Inside Bio

Martin Flegg

“I suppose the gap I’ve encountered the most over the years has been the differing perception of what internal communications is actually for in the organisations where I have worked.

For me, internal communication used effectively is a strategic tool that is fundamental to organisations achieving their business and change objectives. Unfortunately, some colleague’s perceptions have often been a million miles away from this.

“For them, internal communication is all about SOS – Sending Out Stuff – getting lots of stuff published on the intranet, in newsletters and staff magazines. Of course, all this does is create the illusion that communication is happening and working in organisations when it often isn’t.

“How have I closed the gap and converted them to the true IC cause? Mostly through a lot of persuasion using metrics and evaluation to demonstrate that their “stuff” isn’t working. Then quickly following through by helping them to take a big step back to really think about what they are trying to achieve and planning internal communications that work for the audience, not them. All you need is one success to demonstrate proof of concept and you’ll be well on your way to closing the perception gap.”


Thank you to Martin for being the first to share his experience for ‘closing the gap’.

Where are the gaps in your organisation?

closing the gap

Every organisation has gaps, places where internal communication can make improvements. What are  your challenges? What are you doing to get a solution that works for your business?

Every organisation is different, its focus is different and the approaches needed are different – but we can all learn from each other. We’d love to share your ‘gap stories’ with the community here, so drop us a mail to

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