Pay-to-play or play-to-say?

The CIPR Inside committee have worked exceptionally hard this week to get our conference newsletter “Turbulent Times” to press. Mark Applin has pulled the rabbit out of the hat with some great work from his team at Intermedia. James Debens done a great job as editor.

The best bit has been reading the quality of the content. It’s rewarding to provide a platform for speaker who actually have something to say about the practice of employee communications and engagement rather than the standard conference model of speakers paying for self-promotion and sponsors who push their services on an unsuspecting audience.

That model of yesterday has prevented best practice from organisations like DWP and the British Army seeing the light of day. Ironically, the same model attracts hefty conference fees for delegates and the whole thing becomes a bit elitist. Organisations with big budgets talking to each other about how to spend their big budgets.

The good news is you can still subscribe to that old model; despite times of austerity, choice hasn’t been taken away. If you’d like a high quality experience on an exceptionally low budget (£280 – £450) look no further CIPR Conference

If you have a bigger budget and need to use it up, have a look at these
£1,300 – £1,800 Osney Media
£1,400 – £2,300 Melcrum
But don’t discount this
£280 – £450 CIPR Inside
You can bring another 3 people for around the same price of the other offers. Book direct here or here…

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