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How Cadbury’s leaders can do Kraft a big favour

January 20, 2010

The news that yet another British titan of business is about to go into foreign…

Social Media To Drive Integration of PR, Internal, External Communication? by Mike Klein

January 20, 2010

Mike Klein is a Brussels-based communications pro specializing in internal communication and its interactions with other communication and PR disciplines. A one-time manager of political campaigns in the US, Mike is an MBA graduate of London Business School, a former Senior Consultant with Smythe Dorward Lambert, and has worked with major UK companies like Barclays, Reuters, easyJet, Cable & Wireless and Diageo.

Join us for an evening with John Smythe

January 18, 2010

John Smythe, the author of CEO, Chief Engagement Officer; Turning Hierarchy Upside Down To Drive…

Dilbert’s boss doesn’t understand engagement (so what’s new?)

Dilbert’s boss doesn’t understand engagement (so what’s new?)

January 13, 2010

Sadly nothing much is new. Still, too many leaders are, at best, ignorant and, at…

CIPR doesn’t understand internal comms

January 12, 2010

Recent comment from CIPR member (anonymously) on recent CIPR Inside survey. “I am concerned as…


January 10, 2010

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