Our survey – What you said

During May we asked you to tell us what you think of what we do and what you want from CIPR Inside.

More than 200 of you took the time to tell us, thank you.

Jane Revell Communications manager (change and internal communion) at London Borough of Camden won the bottle bubbly!

So, now we have analysed the results and started planning our events and communication to meet your needs.

Here are the headline resultsTagxedo image 2

You’ve asked for:

  • More regional events
  • A stronger online community
  • More events and workshops
  • Richer content
  • Plenty of notice for our events
  • More free and reasonably priced events

The main topics and themes that are of most interest to you are:

  • Engaging leadership
  • Measuring success
  • Employee engagement
  • Change communication
  • Engaging remote workforces
  • IC as a strategic discipline

It was interesting to learn that you are looking to build a mix of skills, from getting back to basics, to tactical support and understanding the strategic fit and driving internal comms in your organisations. 45% of respondents are working on their continuing professional development (CPD) to build their skills and enhance their careers.

So we’re now building these findings into our conference content on 2 October, the details of which we’ll be announcing soon. We’re also working on our programme of events, webinars and content to provide you with the skills and tools to help you in your careers. The research findings are also guiding how we communicate with you and helping us to make sure we give you what you need from your membership with CIPR Inside.

Quick questions?

The survey also threw up a few queries we can address quickly for you here.

Q1.      I’m a CIPR Inside member but I don’t get the PR week emails?

As a CIPR member you should get the monthly PR week magazine and daily PR week emails sent to you. If you are not receiving your PR week subscriptions, just get in touch with CIPR membership team on 020 7631 6900 or email membership@cipr.co.uk

Q2. I’m a CIPR Inside member but I don’t get the emails from you?

First check we’ve not been spammed by your email system. We send an email to CIPR Inside members every Tuesday. Other CIPR groups and services send information on different days. You can check your subscription and group choices by logging in to the member area of cipr.co.uk or calling CIPR membership team on 020 7631 6900 or email membership@cipr.co.uk

Q3. Do you have a facebook page?

Yes we do have a facebook page, you can like us here. We share our events and blog posts there.

We also use this website, twitterLinkedInYammer, and Google+ to share information and communicate with CIPR Inside members and the wider IC community.

Q4. Is it possible to pay the membership fee in instalments and not as an annual lump sum?

Yes, it is possible for renewing members to pay in instalments. Contact the subscriptions team on 020 7631 6900 to advise you or download the direct debit form from here.

If you’ve got a question for us, don’t be shy you can contact us on ciprinside@gmail.com and we’ll help you.

Keeing in touch

So, if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on with CIPR Inside follow this blog, follow us on twitter, like our facebook page, join our LinkedIn group, join the growing Yammer community and add us on Google +. The choice is yours.

Watch this space for more information coming soon.
Thank you, the CIPR Inside Committee


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