One voice for the industry?

This is how the argument goes: we should have one voice for the industry.

It ensures consistency of message. We’re all aligned. All on the same page.

Absolute rubbish.

We are not living in an Orwellian dictatorship. We should encourage individuals to express themselves. We want – no need – the healthy debate. We want people to engage with the issues in an intelligent, passionate and thoughtful way.

If you agree with that then I hope you’ve been following some of the great debate that Sean has kicked off with our new Advisory Group.

I think you’d also be pleased to know that Sean and I had a timely meeting with Dominic Walters who chairs the newly-coined Institute of Internal Communications last week. We agreed that we had in many instances a shared agenda.  And that we should meet to understand where our “red lines” of differentiation were.

More importantly we agreed that there needed to be plural voices arguing for our shared agenda.

As you can imagine I’m all for that…


  1. Congratulations – this has to be a positive move which has to be welcomed.

    As I recall the last time we tried this the thing that brought forth most benefit was a specific project around skills. I think the lesson was that most progress is made when we can find something that we can all work together on and share authorship of.

    Perhaps it’s time to find a common project?


  2. Thanks Liam

    Our starting point has been to clearly define our common objectives and points of difference. Unsurprisingly there are more of the former.

    Our desire is to collaborate on projects that will help achieve our common objectives, the hot list includes things like research and events.

    If you (or anyone else) have views on other topics that would benefit from a joined-up approach, please chip in.

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