No more surveys please!

Rebecca Astles, CIPR Inside Committee Member shares her view on measurement and the challenges many of us face in making the best choices for your organisation

Over to Rebecca:

This may well be a familiar plea from management if you are an internal communications practitioner.

It is certainly something I have heard several times in my career and it is understandable due to the fear of staff suffering survey fatigue.

However, it can cause you some difficulty if you are trying to do the right thing and evaluate a particular project or initiative and you have very limited or no opportunity to ask questions in the annual employee engagement survey.

While your internal communication evaluation should never be limited to just a few questions in such a survey, if you are evaluating a particular project – rather than internal communications as a whole – survey data can be invaluable.

So what are your alternatives? There are a number of good ideas highlighted in the CIPR Inside Communication Measurement Matrix.

For example, you can run a limited number of focus groups or interviews, ensuring you invite a diverse range of staff in terms of their demographics and job roles/grades. The key is to find staff who can provide valuable input, and unless you have a bulging contacts book, I have often found line managers to be very useful in nominating people.

If you’re looking for guidance and are interested to learn more about what others are doing come along to the CIPR Inside measurement summit – “Surveys, Sentiment and Strategy — measurement in practice” – on 23 July in London.


The half-day event has been packed full of content from leading practitioners – public and private sector, consultancies and in-house – and academics. Surveys are also on the agenda, as is social media evaluation. The focus is on providing practical, in-depth examples about how measurement can be used to drive strategy.

More details can be found here and you will earn five CPD points for attending.



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