Multi-media is the answer…what’s the question?

F-2-F? on-line? print?

I never obsess too much about the media, as I think the message and the audience are the primary concern and the most appropriate medium follows. But channels are not mutually exclusive – they all work better as an integrated package.

But what’s your preference?

Prefer on-line?
We held our first webinar yesterday debating “on-line versus print” It was well received. You can view it here You can continue the discussion here Thanks to PRAcademy

Prefer print? You can view the chat transcript here Print v On-line IC Webinar Nov 2011 Chat Transcript Thanks to all who took part, especially ex-BBC Gurus Euan Semple & Andrew Harvey and Chair Phil Turner

Prefer F-2-F? Our annual conference on 5th October was a huge success. We produced a printed newspaper to accompany the event, which you can download here Turbulent Times Thanks to InterMedia


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