Measurement – Call To Action!

Internal communication has been around in some form since the dawn of organised work. Consequently, most people in most organisations think they are great communicators. As communications professionals, we know that it takes a lot of knowledge, skill and experience to plan effective and inclusive internal communication. The challenge we often face is in demonstrating the exact difference it makes to have a professional communicator in place, to our bosses, sponsors and stakeholders.

This challenge of measurement is commonly listed as one of the barriers to internal communications practitioners’ own effectiveness. We feel it dampens our leaders’ perception of us as trusted advisors, or holds us back from having a ‘seat at the table’. It’s a struggle to demonstrate our worth and show clearly how we’re impacting on the bottom line. There’s a feeling that, if only we could directly and unarguably point to the difference good communications has made, we’d be invited to participate more in strategic decision making and in planning change. Then we’d be able to make even more difference to our workplaces and for the people who work in them.

The CIPR Inside committee has recognised this struggle too, and we’re taking steps to find out what practitioners are doing currently to meet this challenge. It’s our aim to take stock of any helpful models and best practice in the profession, so we can distill that into actionable advice for our members.

We’re also pleased to be collaborating with the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) to make sure we capture the views of as many professionals across the industry as we can.

We need you!

Help us to get a full picture of the different means and methods for evaluating communications, measuring impact, or demonstrating ROI that are currently in use. You can do this simply by sharing your current approach.

We’d particularly love to hear from you if you are:

  • Using any type of data or statistics to report on your activities
  • Working out the outputs and outcomes of your work
  • Producing impact reports
  • Calculating ROI against your communications investments
  • Familiar with evaluation techniques from other disciplines which might help

We’d also love to hear from you if you are still looking for an effective way to measure your outputs or outcomes, or if you haven’t even started considering it yet.

We’ve set up a survey to capture all your thoughts and responses. Just follow the link to share your insight:

We’ll be pooling your thoughts and views from now until the end of November. We’re planning to publish our analysis and recommendations in the first part of 2019.

We believe that improving our ability to measure the outcomes of our work will be a key milestone in our progress as a profession and will help us all prove our value as professionals. Let’s put our collective heads together on this to change the way we work for the better and shape our profession for the future.


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