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On Tuesday 17 November, in partnership with CIPR Wessex, we are holding an event hosted by Karen Martin, LV=’s head of internal communications. The event is going to be an intensive learning event covering the hot topics of strategy, digital comms and engagement.

Karen Martin, Head of Internal Communications at LV=

Karen Martin, Head of Internal Communications at LV=

LV= has a strong reputation in employer branding and employee engagement so this is set to be a great evening event. We spoke to Karen recently so we could share some background about Karen and understand more about the comms at LV=.

Karen has been working in marketing and communication for over 25 years, mainly in financial services with organisations such as Zurich, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Abbey National and NatWest. In the past 15 years she has specialised in internal communications, employee engagement and change communications. In that time Karen has covered a range of strategic and tactical aspects of communication including some of the biggest challenges faced by any internal communicator such as organisational restructures, mergers and acquisitions, integrations and business transformation projects.

At LV= the internal communication team sits within the wider Corporate Communications function, which reports through the HR department. Corporate Communications covers Internal Communications, Media Relations, Member Relations, Corporate Affairs, Public Affairs, Investor and Analyst engagement.



They have a team of 18 people in total in internal communication. The team is broken down into audience facing internal communications teams, a digital team, looking after the intranet and digital channels, and the CSR team. There are also operational communications people embedded in the business who deliver comms across the business.

The team has gradually moved from a decentralised model to become centralised in the last three years. The main aim was to help LV= align communications and remove duplication. The team has been completely centralised since January 2014 and the move has worked well for LV=.

Karen commented: “I’m very proud of the internal communication team at LV=. They are brilliant – really engaged and really creative. To build such a highly effective team and have the opportunity to work with them makes me very proud and happy.”

LV='s internal comms team taking part in a charity day

LV=’s internal comms team taking part in a charity day

We also asked Karen what she thinks are the biggest challenges for internal communicators in today’s business environment, her answers reflect what many find challenging in their businesses.

  • Demonstrating value
  • Tackling the challenge of measurement
  • Being proactive and not reactive

And the best bit of working in internal communication?

  • Being involved with all areas of the business
  • Helping people do their day job better by helping them to understand the wider business and how they fit into it

Thanks to Karen for sharing this with us and importantly sharing her time and expertise with us on Tuesday 17 November at the LV= offices in Bournemouth. Bring your questions and be ready to take part in this interesting event. Find out more about the event here.

If you work in internal comms and are based in the Wessex region this is a great chance to hear from one of the region’s biggest employers which is renowned for its internal communication and employee engagement. And if you’re not in the region, why not take a couple of hours out of your afternoon, jump on the train and visit the coast.



We’re really looking forward to this event, it’s set to be an active and interesting evening.

Don’t forget that the #insidestory awards are open for entries – early deadline 20 November, late entries accepted until 27 November. Read more here and gather your work to enter and win!

Image credits: LV= supplied images, Karen Martin, logo and team photo. Featured image: Helen Hotson, Fotofolio – Bournemouth Beach and lifeguard station


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