Let’s coin some phrases

“So shall my Lungs Coine words till their decay.” Shakespeare 1607

Contributing to recent Guardian on-line Q&A I coined the phrase “Log-on or jog-on” A conversation on the motivations of good writing inspired “Clarity and Sticky”

If I can come up with 2 within a week what could we do as a network?

Get your creative head on and post your coins here… creative commons applies


  1. Try these:

    “Less facebook and more Facetime” (reflects the over obsession with social media)

    and for the fans of horror films and the zombie genre:

    ” Behavioural brand creep ….leading to brand rot and gradual brand death..from the inside”

  2. Ian got to my only inspiration first – Less facebook, more face2face. Will sleep on it.

    • Ian beat Steve Jobs to the use of Facetime over a year ago on an on-line debate with a proponent of social media who believed it would make the role of line managers redundant in employee communications. “More facetime less facebook” was Ian’s response. Jobs obviously followed the debate and it inspired the i- phone app.

  3. I like “Being “in and visible” not invisible”

    Russell Grossman, director of communications, Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)

  4. I’m coining:

    “I’ve got it on my sonar”

    See if anyone picks you up on it.

  5. The greatest extreme of writing skill that encourages dialogue, not the final word


  6. “diablogue” – blog posts that encourage response from others

    “monoblogue” – blog posts like this, only encouraging response from yourself! : (

    • Now come on Sean, you’ve at least managed to get a few imaginations buzzing and tongues wagging so far.

      A couple of extra suggestions to keep the ball rolling:

      “corporate cholesterol” : the gradual build up of employee negativity when leadership words and actions differ.

      “foie gras communication” : the tendency to push or ram messages into employees

      To see these phrases in context take a look at Brand Engagement


  7. I’m drawn to coining blogging phrases.
    How about “autoblography” – the emerging trend of bloggers self publishing a collection of their blog posts.
    Or “blography”- at least someone else found the blogger’s posts interesting enough to publish.
    Don’t expect to see CIPR Inside blography or autoblography on Amazon anytime soon.

  8. “Like a Kindle in the wind”
    Suggests stability and unflappable (unlike the pages in a book in the same weather)

  9. “Gen WTF”
    The generation to suceed “Gen Y”

  10. P.S. Gen WTF have a nice logo which uses the icons from WordPress, Twitter and Facebook.

  11. ‘Return on Involvement’
    Can’t work out who to attribute it to

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