Launch of IoIC

At their final conference in Chester, the CiB transmorphicated into the new Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) with a new logo and strapline to boot. “The power within” has an air of “Intel inside” I wish them the same level of success that Intel have enjoyed over the years.

Chair of IoIC Dominic Walters said that the Institute will have three main activities:

Professional development – development of a comprehensive, flexible and robust framework of accredited qualifications that meet the practical needs of communicators at all career stages and of their employers.

Thought leadership – spreading knowledge gained from providing a non-commercial environment in which senior communicators from a wide variety of organisations can develop ideas and approaches, distilling the information generated from a diverse events programme and undertaking formal research projects.

Advocacy – the Institute will speak for the importance of good internal communication through the media and other professional platforms, and use its comprehensive awards and events activities to showcase various tactical and strategic aspects of best practice, promoting these so their significance is recognised by audiences who are not professional communicators.

Objectives closely aligned with CIPR Inside. As a Chartered Institute our professional development is well developed and we are leading the charge with our accredited courses, certificates and diplomas. Thought leadership and advocacy is high on our list of priorities and we are very excited about announcing the constitution of an Advisory Group at the end of the month. We have the support of leading experts in key areas of interest for our members, from career development to social media; it’s not just a group of experts in employee communications.

The Advisory Group are committed to getting involved with events and thought leadership pieces that will sell the value of employee communications across a wider sphere of influence, supporting our strong view that the value of employee communications and engagement comes from taking a “whole systems” approach.

We wish the IoIC every success and, in the interest of our joint members and the profession, we will continue to explore and exploit areas where we can partner with them and other institutes and associations to strengthen our common objectives.


  1. Great post Sean. I think ‘exploring and exploiting’ areas for partnership can only be a positive step, both for the IoIC and CIPR and our profession.

    • Thanks Rachel.
      Things are moving fast with IoIC which will be to the benefit of both sets of members.
      We are also working hard to collaborate with other charterered institutes like CIM and CIPD as we recognise the important overlap with other functional areas when pushing the engagement agenda.

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