Kicking off 2017/18

Jenni_0007At the AGM I promised to blog every month to update our members on everything CIPR Inside so here is the first!

Last week we had our first Committee meeting and it was great to get everyone together to kick off the year. We talked through some of our upcoming events – the next one is on 27 April with Alive with Ideas talking about being a creative communicator – and I’m excited that we already have events planned in for the next few months. As venues and details are secured we will be sure to let you know!

This year runs until March 2018 and I have a few things I want to commit to for our members:

  • Our strategy linked to making an IMPACT will return this year. This is focussed on Inspiring, Measuring, Professional Development, Advising, Changing behaviours and Trusting. These are all core elements of CIPR Inside and as a Committee we are working through the detail behind these so you know what to expect from us this year
  • We are going to host more events around the UK this year. It’s always lovely when someone returns to support CIPR Inside and it’s great to have Hannah Thoresby back on the Committee. Hannah will be taking on the new role of Vice Chair for the North and will be focussed on exploring opportunities with our CIPR regional chairs. In addition, Paul Summerhill who is our other Vice Chair will be looking into ensuring we have the same relationships across London and the South
  • We are going to get the basics right. The first few months will be exploring the content we have for you all and making sure it is right. We will be working with CIPR on the skills guides and best practise guides for internal comms as well as reviewing all our content on our website.
  • We are listening. There are a lot of reports out there about engagement and internal comms. For us the State of the Sector report from Gatehouse is a great place to start. So with that in mind we are reading and reviewing all the research to make sure everything we do is aligned to what you’re saying you need.

In the meeting last week we talked through all the different projects, roles and events we will do this year and we now have someone leading each element. The next few months will be busy as we review our channels and make sure that everything is where it needs to be. We have many more members following the CIPR campaign in March so I’d like to say a big hello and welcome to you all. Reach out to us on Twitter or on email if you need any help, resources and information – we are here for you to help you make an impact in your workplace and support you with your career in internal communications.

Chair, CIPR Inside

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