July CIPR Inside update by Jenni…

A few weeks ago the CIPR Inside committee met for the second time since our AGM in March and things are starting to ramp up!

We have made some changes to our structure and approach this year based on your feedback so here is a quick summary of the changes:


  • All our Ask the Guru events will be free for members and will return to the original format of a panel of experts on specific topics
  • We have moved away from a sponsorship model and have created a content management group in the committee – which I will explain later
  • Our focus for this year is to help members become experts in internal communications and give our members the tools to demonstrate that we are a strategic management function
  • #ICBookClub is continuing with lots of interest in our book list and our next chat is tonight (3 July) where we will be discussing Quiet by Susan Cain.

Content is king

I mentioned above that we have created a content management group (being led by Pamela Moffat) so I wanted to explain a bit more about it. I want to put content at the heart of what we do so for the next few weeks everyone on the committee is on the hunt for good stories. From case studies we see online to award entries across industry, we are looking for the great pieces to share with members. The content management group will look at these and recommend whether they are an event, a webinar or a case study for the CPD database. Whatever the outcome we want to make sure we are providing regular content that we think will help internal communicators everywhere.

Our events will be open to non-members and some of our events will be paid for but we won’t be going over the £100 a ticket for our events.

We are partnering with our regional committees

Everyone on the Inside committee is buddied up with a regional committee. We want to make sure everyone has the chance to attend an event on internal communication, so we are in the process of pulling together dates and timings for events across the UK. If you’d like one in your area then drop us an email at ciprinside@gmail.com and we can add it to the list!


Trudy Lewis is leading our research project for the second year and this time we are focussing on measurement – watch this space for detail but we are aiming to have the report finalised by the end of the year. If you have any measurement tools/frameworks that you use please do share them with us via email ciprinside@gmail.com

So that’s what we have been up to. It may have sounded quiet but we needed to regroup after some big decisions around the conference and our purpose in January. There has been some amazing work from the committee already this year as we have explored the role of the internal communicator in relation to BREXIT and GDPR.

If you’re a member and you’d like help with anything specific please get in touch – we are here to help!


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