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When we talked about the annual internal communication conference, and its theme Closing the Gap, the committee started to share some of the challenges we each face in our own organisations. Everyone working in internal communication or employee engagement has gaps that they need to bridge, a challenge to be overcome or connections to be made. It goes with the territory and is a part of what makes our work both challenging and rewarding. The conference theme aims to cover many of these ‘gaps’ and we thought we’d share some of the committee’s personal anecdotes with you here.

So, next up it’s Jo Twiselton and the divide she’s seen in her roles during her in-house and consulting career.Jo Twisleton

Over to Jo:

“Throughout my in-house and consulting careers, I’ve encountered the same gap time and time again which internal communications appears to fill.  It seems to be that this function (and the people in it!) get involved in cross-business projects and issues that other teams don’t get involved with. We help teams to collaborate. Often Internal communication can help to bring together teams who wouldn’t typically work together.   So, we frequently become a ‘facilitator’ for the organisation to work together and we help different teams to make things happen.


“As an example, in the past, I’ve been involved in large-scale change programmes (usually a mix of the people, process and technology changes you often see in change) where the IT team needs to work closely with legal or marketing – which sometimes only happens once in a blue moon!


“As the people and engagement piece is so important in the success of any change, it’s been our internal communications teams that have kicked-off the conversation, made the introductions, maintained the momentum and kept the strategic view over the programme. Arguably we have to do this to be able to communicate and engage people in the change.


“It’s only by reflection that I’ve been able to see this gap and how we help fill it as an organisation. I’m now fascinated in understanding what used to happen – which teams, roles or people used to make this happen before internal communications were around?”


Thank you to Jo for sharing her experience for ‘closing the gap’ in organisations. What is your experience of this situation? Do you know what would happen or who would step into bridge that gap if internal communications was not there to do that important job?


Where are the gaps in your organisation?


Every organisation has gaps, places where internal communication can make improvements. What are  your challenges? What are you doing to get a solution that works for your business?


Every organisation is different, its focus is different and the approaches needed are different – but we can all learn from each other. We’d love to share your ‘gap stories’ with the community here, so drop us a mail to


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Check out the videos of some of last year’s presentation that have been uploaded.

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