Jenni Wheller’s CIPR council candidate statement

The CIPR Council is our governing body. It oversees the activities of the Institute. All actions taken by officers and staff are in the name of, and with the authority of, the Council. CIPR members elect Council members on a yearly basis.

Following changes to the governing structure, there are now fewer seats on the council to help make its decision-making more efficient.

Following a period of nomination, a list of candidates has been released, and as of 1 September – 22 September, voting on these seats commences. Every member has two votes, a first and second vote.

As a growing group of IC professionals CIPR Inside wants to ensure that we have our share of voice on the Council, that internal comms is in the room when the decisions are made about the future of our professional institute. And so Jenni Wheller, our chair, has been nominated as a candidate.

This is her statement:

Who am I and why should you vote for me?

  1. I’m an experienced internal communicator championing the role that internal communication plays in adding value to organisations.
  2. I believe internal communicators should have their voices heard.
  3. I want to continue to raise the standards of professional development across all disciplines. CPD must be relevant to members, employers and clients.
  4. I want to make information from CIPR Inside easier to find, trusted and valued.
  5. I want us to work together to define how we measure and link to business performance. CIPR has already delivered guidance through its work with AMEC and I want to see more work like this, aligned to the internal communications profession, which will support it becoming a reality.
  6. I want to inspire a generation into the profession.

Who I am

I’m Chair of CIPR Inside and have been involved with the group for a number of years as a committee member and Treasurer. I work in London as Head of Internal Communication but have held both Internal Communication and PR roles, both in-house and agency with a mixture of public and private sector.

I’m passionate about internal communication and what it can help businesses achieve, which is why I co-founded The IC Crowd 18 months ago. I value professional development, recently completing the CIPR Internal Communication Diploma.

My link to the CIPR

CIPR Inside is the voice of internal communication within CIPR, a group that makes an impact on our industry and the professionals within it. With a voice on the Council, we can make sure internal communications is part of the conversation about professionalism, development and ethics. We will be there when decisions are made about the future of CIPR and how it adapts to meet our members’ needs.

I’ve been involved with CIPR Inside for a number of years, before becoming Chair in March. We’ve focussed the Committee on specialist subjects and events, and at our conference in October I’m planning to launch a three-year strategy.

What I can do for the industry

I believe there’s a fundamental difference between PR and internal communication, but that doesn’t mean that the two aren’t intrinsically linked. CIPR is the professional body to champion this link. Working together, we can make sure that internal communication stays at the top of the agenda for our senior teams and they understand the power of getting it right.

I want to inspire people to work in communications and engage members to help them navigate their careers. I want to make sure that organisations understand that value, and use CIPR as a mark to find a professional who can deliver what they need.



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