Internal communication has grown up

Some of the CIPR Inside committee were invited to attend the Mecrum Summit 2013 from 15 October – 17 October.


Trudy Lewis has shared her insights from the day she spent at the summit. Over to you Trudy:


I wouldn’t call it information overload – but my head was reeling from the wealth of insight and thinking presented at the recent Melcrum Summit.

I’ve settled on thinking that innovation and new ways of making internal communication relevant, was the way forward. It will keep us relevant, inspired and in the right position to enable leadership to achieve strategic goals. This was pretty much the tone set by presenters Will McInnes from Nixon McInnes and Kim Beddard-Fontaine from Schneider Electric.

The idea of creating our own dashboard and not having measurement imposed on us was inspired and challenging. Taking hold of measurement ourselves, to validate our work and deliver effective internal communication can be powerful. Normally we have to try really hard to fit internal communication measurement into KPIs set by the business. However what came across was a common sense approach to being accountable and determining what measurement should look like.

Another thought was how we needed to connect our day-to-day with the priorities of the organizations. So by interpreting strategy for employees in a clear and engaging way we achieve success for our businesses. We no longer have to be reactive and respond to requests for posters and videos. We can measure the effectiveness of our channels and messages and prove to the business what works and which direction to take to engage employees.

The many examples of proactive internal communication showed that we are all becoming more interactive, we’re moving at a greater speed. Therefore our strategy and tactics need to move in that direction – not easy but based on the case studies presented – it can be done.

We know that the most successful organizations have an engaged workforce. These employees are more productive, brand champions and reputation builders for the company and we enable this.

From the event and many people I met, I felt excited to be part of the industry at this time. We are becoming more credible and relevant. There is a lot we can offer – great thinking and effective communication that can change behaviour and improve performance.

Right now instead of being viewed as purely tactical and reactive internal communication has grown up. Senior leadership are beginning to recognize that the function is essential, strategic and when allowed to operate effectively, can make a big difference.



Thanks Trudy.


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