Internal comms gets a seat on the CIPR council

In response to today’s CIPR council election announcement, a post from Jenni Wheller:


Today the CIPR confirmed who was elected onto the Council and after a nail-biting few weeks I’m delighted that I was elected to represent CIPR Inside.

When it came to pulling together the statement to tell everyone why they should vote for me I put down six values that I believe are important to CIPR and CIPR Inside. I really believe that as a group we can champion the role of internal communications in organisations and that working closely with CIPR our voice is stronger. Being part of the council will keep our voice heard and will allow us to make sure that are working completely in line with our colleagues who look after external communication.

Jenni Wheller, CIPR Inside Chair and Conference Chair

A big focus for me this year is CPD and reviewing the training and courses we offer our members. We have been doing this throughout the year I hope to say more about this in the coming months. As a group we have also been working hard to make our information easier for you to find and give you the information that you told us you wanted. We are developing our website at the moment to deliver this – making it better and easier for you.

Being on the Council is something that I don’t take lightly and I’m keen to use it as a space for us, as a group, to learn from our peers and raise things on our agenda that we want discussed. As a member of CIPR and a member of the CIPR Inside group you can get in touch with me anytime with queries or suggestions that you want to discuss.

As a group we have a committee that meetings every other month virtually and face to face quarterly with our next meeting scheduled for 8 October. If there is anything you think we should be doing or that you want to highlight as a need from CIPR please get in touch before then so, as a Committee we can review it.

As an in-house professional juggling this voluntary role with my full time job can be tough at times but I truly believe that as with my work, I’m there to serve all colleagues with better communication and I carry this through into my role as Chair for CIPR Inside and as your representative on the Council.

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