#InsideAdvent – Day 22


If you’ve not completed your CPD yet then these top tips from Jane Revell will definitely give your points a boost:


Top five internal communications CPD activities

The Christmas break provides a bit of downtime (hopefully!) and it’s a good time of the year to reflect on what you’ve done over the last 12 months professionally and what you want to do next. While doing this, why not spend some time logging your CPD activities and considering what more you need to do to get your 60 points.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a really important part of my membership with the CIPR. I find it really useful to reflect on the different activities I’ve done over the year and to think about how they have helped me to meet my personal career goals. As the CIPR says CPD is “about mapping your journey and gaining the knowledge and skills you need to progress.”

This blog gives my five top CPD activities for internal communicators. Whether you’re already on your CPD journey, new to the CIPR or just thinking about taking part in the programme here are some ideas for internal comms professionals that can be recorded as part of CPD.

1. Set CPD goals – 5 points
CIPR has introduced the option to set CPD goals and reflect on how you have achieved them. I find this really useful to set out at the beginning of the year as it gives me focus and direction for my CPD throughout the year. You can set up to three learning and development goals and you can link your CPD activities to these to help demonstrate how you have achieved what you set out to do.

2. Inside Ethics webinar – 5 points
This new webinar will help you get your five compulsory ethics CPD points. It’s the only resource that focuses specifically on ethics in internal communications and gives an overview of ethical scenarios to guide you through the internal communicators’ moral maze. Find out more here. 

3. #ICBookClub – 10 points
We have started our own CIPR Inside #ICBookClub. This is a great way to read a book you might never have considered before and to discuss it with internal comms people across the world. We’ve reviewed a number of different books, all of which count towards CPD. Reading a relevant book gives you 10 CPD points.
Find out more about #ICBookClub here

4. Join the CIPR Inside committee or other CIPR committees – 20 points
Supporting others by sitting on a CIPR, or other relevant committee and working groups or judging panel will earn you 20 CPD points. There are a number of different CIPR committees including regional and sectoral committees that all benefit from internal communications skills and expertise to provide a well-rounded committee that caters for members’ needs. If you’re interested in finding out more drop an email to ciprinside@gmail.com.

5. Attend an AskTheGuru event – 5 points
CIPR has held some excellent #AskThe Guru sessions in the last year. They are a great way to meet different internal communications professionals and hear different views and ways of working. I really enjoyed the Alive With Ideas session on creativity in internal communications and every time I see a rubber ducks I think about that event. It’s really helpful to log these events for CPD as it makes you think about what you got out of the session and how you’ll work differently as a result.


These are just five of over 1400 CPD activities that are available. In fact, as long as it’s relevant, not part of your job, and about developing your own (or someone else’s) skills and knowledge, you can probably count it as CIPR CPD.

The CPD year runs from 1 March to 28 February and in that year you need to log 60 points before each February deadline. There are two CPD streams – “Developing yourself” and “Supporting others” – you can log points in both streams.

Once you have logged CPD 120 points you will automatically become an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner.

Find out more about CIPR’s CPD here

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