Inside Story Online Awards – Past winners and case studies

Here are the past winners of the Inside Story Online Awards for the categories of ‘Best IC work’ and ‘Best IC Person or Team’ with links to the case studies of their award-winning entries.

If you have a great example of IC work, a team or people, enter the awards to have a chance to get some well-deserved recognition. The awards are open to everyone who works in internal communication and best of all it’s free to enter!

Best IC Work

June 2019 Winner – PDSA nominated by Jamie Angus.

Mental Health Campaign at PDSA: Mental Health Campaign at PDSA

PDSA impressed our judges by turning what can often be a ‘tick box’ exercise on mental health into something that had a significant impact on the workforce, their volunteers and the organisation. They ensured they received support from the top and they encouraged involvement from all colleagues, including their Director General, by clear and concise messaging curated by their own colleagues.

They identified their objectives and outcomes, clearly demonstrating the value of the wellbeing campaign and the impact it had on their organisation but more importantly on the people who work there. They should be very proud of what they achieved.

June 2019 Special Commendation – Sodexo

Our judges were impressed by the evidence shown towards measuring the success of the campaign. Communicating with a large workforce is never easy and the Sodexo team showed good results, and the demonstration of conversation activity resulting directly from their campaign was great to see.

The involvement of both internal and external colleagues from within the business shows the clear benefit of working with external counterparts and joining messages together.

[Sodexo exercised their right to privacy and we are unable to publish their entry as a case study]

August 2019 – Entries close 31 August 2019

Best IC Person or Team

June 2019 Winner – British Red Cross nominated by Addeel Khan.

Creating a Strategic Internal Engagement Team: Creating a Strategic Internal Engagement Team at British Red Cross

Our judges were impressed by the scale and ambition of this three-year strategy to improve employee engagement by getting detailed insight into engagement barriers and creating clear plans to address them.

The outcomes include a communications team that has “moved from a reactive, unplanned team…to a more strategic team that sets the agenda on internal communications.” Great work and a worthy winner.

August 2019 – Entries close 31 August 2019