#ICBookClub next book chosen

IC Book Club

A couple of weeks ago there was a flurry of excitement on Twitter when our very own Paul Summerhill, Vice Chair of CIPR Inside, shared a book he was reading. Followingthat suggestion a great conversation started and at the end of all great conversations, a fab idea was created – #ICBookClub.

CIPRInside has now started #ICBookClub and the next book on the list is Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed and this chat will take place on Tuesday 1st August at 8.00pm on Twitter – so save this date! Read July’s review by clicking here.

The club is managed by Annique Simpson, our highly commended Future Leader so if you want to be included in the book club then tag #ICBookClub and @annique_simpson and you’ll be added to the virtual list – alternatively you can drop a note to ciprinside@gmail.com. We will also be sharing reviews and thoughts via our website and Linkedin so watch this space.

You can buy the book from amazon or if anyone has already read their copy and would like to pass onto someone else then let @ciprinside know!

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