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Organisational Culture: An internal communicators survival guide – Session Host: Weber Shandwick

Come to this workshop to learn the dark secrets of organisational culture, hear some myths being busted, understand how you can diagnose the culture of your own organisation and what your role as an internal communicator is in the process of changing culture of your organisation.

During the workshop we’ll look at a model that helps you understand the way cultures develop in organisation and use this to help your understand the culture in play in your own organisation and the steps you need to take to shift this culture over time. You’ll leave with a checklist of questions that you can use to diagnose the culture in your own organisation and a better understanding of the kinds of interventions that will help you change the culture in your business also.

Making an impact – what good looks like – Session Host: Alive With Ideas

What does good look like? How do we define good? What are the characteristics of a professional and skilled communications adviser and a strategically driven comms team? And when we’ve nailed down the answers to these questions, how do we make sure that our key stakeholders are left in no doubt about the value we’re adding and the difference we’re making?

The internal communication function is a far cry from the role of internal journalist or information broadcaster. In many cases, we’re now valued as a credible, vital part of the business. But there’s still work to do to prove our strategic value. We need to understand how to make a permanent and lasting impact on our CEOs and senior stakeholders.

At Alive, we’re known for taking a challenge, giving it a good shake and digging to its core to uncover excellent ideas and imaginative solutions. This fun, lively and interactive session will take a highly creative approach to explore how we shout about our worth, the difference we make and the value that internal communications brings to our organisations every day – making it clear and making it count.

Changing perspectives of change – Session Host: H&H

Has your organisation being going through a lot of change recently? We’d bet a tidy sum that your answer to this is a resounding yes. Despite its presence in all aspects of business life, in every organisation, sector and role, we’ve discovered that there are some beliefs around change that are seriously impacting the success of managing and communicating it.

Using eye-opening insights from a recent study, H&H invite you to get hands-on in this fast-paced, interactive session. Discover why the way we’ve been tackling change might be weakening the chance of success. Explore how IC approaches may be inadvertently creating unhelpful perceptions around change.  And uncover new ideas which could transform the way you think about change communications for ever.

How can you afford not to join us at this fun and engaging game-based session? As well as picking up some intriguing, surprising and useful insights – you might just take the victory crown too!

Maximising your Channel Choices – Session Host: MediaMaker

Understanding how to get the most from your chosen channels – there are many channels to choose from, but do you have a strategy in place to make the right choices for the right messages and the right audiences?

The workshop will help people to consider the comms fulfilment in each channel and how to make them add real value to the organisation – not just the immediate and often quick win required.

Want to prove the value of your Internal Communications? – Session Host: Scarlettabbott

Proving the ROI of internal communications is one of the biggest challenges facing IC practitioners today.

If you would like to be able to:

  • Prove the ROI of your IC function through short-term campaigns or longer-term initiatives;
  • Present up-to-date information on performance and progress to your stakeholders;
  • Feel confident that you’re measuring the right things with a methodology grounded in academic frameworks;
  • Measure what people say and do by combining opinion data and usage statistics…

…then this is the session for you!

With an approach underpinned by academic research and insights, Scarlettabbott have developed a new online measurement dashboard – MetrIC©.

The dashboard will link theory and practice, demonstrating how alignment, belonging and collaboration influence the extent to which your colleagues feel engaged.

The session will be a chance to share your own experiences and challenges in the IC measurement space and will be a chance to see this new tool in action.

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