Since 2013 we have hosted the #insidestory awards to celebrate internal communications best practise. We have had some awesome events and it is all down to Dr Kevin Ruck who launched them during his time as Chair.

This year we have decided to pause for thought. At the CIPR Inside annual conference on 1 November we announced that we won’t be running our awards for 2017/18.

Chair, Jenni Field, explains why: “We have been running an annual conference and annual awards programme for five years and I would like to take some time to pause on that activity and just take some time to ensure what we are doing is right for our members and our offering as CIPR Inside.

I’m a big believer in having time to think so we are going to get together as a committee in the new year and discuss what we want to do for 2018/19.”

Between now and then there will be a chance for our community and our members to give us feedback on what they really want from our group – so look out for the chance to have your say towards the end of the year.

However, even though we are pausing for this year we encourage you to enter the CIPR Excellence awards, which has an internal communications category. More information on these can be found here: