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Ethics is the cornerstone of professional practice in communication. The month of September sees the CIPR focus on #ethics and sharing different resources and events with members and the wider communication community. Ethics month is an opportunity for public relations professionals to reflect on their ethical responsibilities as practitioners.

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While the CIPR has provided lots of super resources for communication from copyright to new technology, we thought that a webinar specifically for comms professionals working in internal communication would be very useful.

There’s no doubt that internal communicators face a different set of ethical dilemmas than those we face when communicating externally.

  • We work with the people who are directly affected by our communications.
  • We communicate good and bad news that affect our colleagues and ourselves.
  • We design communications and manage channels to help everyone work better.
  • We are the team that understands the importance of employee sentiment and generally knows how people are feeling at work.
  • We touch on all areas of the organisation – from the hard to reach groups right through to the C suite.
  • We understand and have a responsibility for communicating with and engaging employees with corporate strategy and values.
  • We help to give employees a voice – a genuine voice that is heard and acted upon.
  • We walk a line where we balance the employees needs and the corporate needs, personal values and corporate values.

Internal communicators find themselves routinely making ethical decisions. But how do we know we’re getting it right? How do we manage the responsibility or being the organisation’s moral conscience? How do we nurture the skills in our teams to think ethically? How do we communicate ethical values?

So with the plethora of ethical dilemmas in internal communication in mind, we have invited Katherine Bradshaw, Communications Manager at the Institute of Business Ethics to join us for this webinar and provide some insights and advice when it comes to ethics in internal communication.

Katherine Bradshaw, Communications Manager, IBE

Katherine Bradshaw, Communications Manager, IBE

Not only is Katherine an experienced and qualified communicator, working in ethics, but she also wrote a guide for the IBE, ‘Communicating Ethical Values Internally‘.

Joining this webinar, posing questions to Katherine and taking part in the discussion are Hannah Thoresby, an active member of the CIPR Inside committee who also took part in last September’s ethics roundtable and recently wrote a piece on ethics for us here, and Rachel Miller, from All Things IC who is an experienced comms professional and prolific blogger on everything for internal comms.

We’ll be discussing various themes within this subject, and those joining the webinar will be able to put their questions to Katherine, Hannah and Rachel.

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You can see some of our previous webinars which are available to all members to view on demand here.


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