Engagement is a journey

“engagement is a journey” is often said in enterprise (often when the results of the engagement campaign aren’t being realised quick enough). Prince William’s fiancee Kate Middleton may agree with this expression following her recent engagement, but HRH may concur more with the chorus he heard blasting out across the Fylde coast as he watched Blackpool beat Wolves 2-1 at Bloomfield Road. If engagment is a journey then (to the tune of The Beach Boys Slop John B) “this is the best trip I’ve ever been on”

But move over Prince Willie, bring on King Ollie, that’s him in the dressing room with my youngest son at the last game of the season last yea. Reading a recent post by PR Academy on Blackpool manager Ian Holloway’s media skills, I was inspired to unpack his leadership skills.

Ollie has great vision and belief, and he inspires others to believe in his vision and, more importantly, believe in themselves. He had a vision to take a Championship team to the Premier League, a vision he achieved this season with Blackpool. His only “failure” was he done it a year earlier than he had dreamed.

Ollie has integrity, his actions and words match his values. Hard work, honesty, loyalty and passion. He goes further – he puts the gritty in integrity.

Olle is a challenger brand. He stands up for the little people. Challenging the Premier League, the FA, the media, exposing all that is unauthentic and uncompelling in the not so beautiful game.

Ollie has ambition with a healthy injection of modesty, declaring in his autobiography

“I’ve not got the track record of Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho – at the moment – even if I am better looking than both of them”

He is engaging and charismatic He’s proved that engagement doesnt have to be such a long journey, more of a day trip that makes you feel like you “don’t wanna go home”

At least that’s how me and my son feel every Saturday!

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