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Paul Summerhill, Vice Chair for CIPR Inside, shares his view of how we all work together to do what we do as a group for the profession. Over to Paul:


I had been really looking forward to last week’s CIPR Inside Conference for internal communication and it didn’t disappoint.

There have already been a number of articles, blogs and posts in the build up to the event itself, but I wanted to share a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective.

A sell-out, it’s one of the many events that we as the CIPR Inside committee organise throughout the year to bring internal comms folks together to celebrate successes – and often share our horror stories – and thereby extend the community of good/best practice within our profession.

The theme of this year’s conference really resonated with me – ‘Closing the Gap’. Three simple words, but I remember the lengthy discussion we had as a committee to get there…

internal communication

Steven Murgatroyd and Jenni Field introduce the theme of the day with key stats and findings from the Edelman Trust Barometer 2016

As we talked about the focus of the conference, everyone around the table chipped in ideas and suggestions, and each contribution helped make the theme stronger.

Your CIPR Inside committee members come from a range of companies and organisations, with different professional backgrounds and personal perspectives.

Those differences helped shape the conference, but the way in which we worked together to find a common thread and our approach to giving each committee member a say meant we had buy in to what was – in my biased opinion! – a great day.

Thinking about it, I realise that it could have been a case study for our recent Ask the Guru event in Manchester.


The approach the committee has always taken in the three years I’ve been part of it (and I’m sure previously) is to:

  • create the right conditions for all members to give their best
  • live by to CIPR Inside’s goals and values
  • feel motivated to contribute
  • and do all of this, with a clear understanding of “what’s in it for me?”

Now if that isn’t engagement in action, I don’t know what is!

Having heard from some of our previous award winners at the conference, it’s now time for you to look back at what you’ve achieved over the last year and take part in the #insidestory awards 2017.

#insidestory awards 2017 for internal communication

Have a look, enter and who knows, it could be you presenting at our 2017 Conference….

Go for it and get engaged with CIPR Inside!


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Other useful resources from the day

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If you wrote a post or have found something else useful to share here, let us know and we’ll add it ciprinside@gmail.com

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